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Other Numbers

From the UK: 0845 652 4239 (local rate)

From Ireland: 01 246 7677 (local rate)

All other countries: +34 914 142 334 (international rate)




    5 perhaps surprising aspects of our motor insurance policies for expat drivers

    Sevim Besev - Tuesday, January 29, 2019

    Seeking out the right car insurance for your needs can be a sometimes bewildering process even if you don’t also have the expatriate factor to consider. As someone who may have only recently moved to another part of Europe, you will understandably be anxious to avoid any entirely preventable mistakes when attempting to pick out the most suitable policy for you.

    So, here are just five possibly unexpected ways in which Ibex Insurance Services stands out as a motor insurance broker for Spain,

    Portugal or Gibraltar-based drivers.

    A completely English-speaking service

    It’s so easy to take this aspect of a car insurance broker for granted when you have only ever had to deal with such companies in your own country, in your mother tongue.

    It can be a very different matter when you are suddenly residing in Spain or Portugal. You’ll therefore be thankful that at every stage of your relationship with us, from the initial enquiry through to the handling of any claims, we can communicate with you in easy-to-understand English.

    The competitiveness of our premiums

    Because we are expats ourselves, we really care about delivering to you the policies that make sense in both practical and financial terms.

    Not only are our policies very competitively priced – being underwritten at Lloyd’s of London, which is the world’s leading insurance market – but we even offer particularly tempting special rates for the over 40s, and a no-claims discount of as much as 65%.

    A generous complement of optional extras

    Would you appreciate your chosen car insurance policy abroad also incorporating the likes of essential-level or prestige-level breakdown assistance cover, or hire car cover to give you peace of mind in case your vehicle is damaged or lost as a consequence of an accident or theft?

    Whatever – we are dedicated to bringing you all manner of extremely convenient optional extras when you select us as your expat motor insurance broker in Spain, Portugal or Gibraltar.

    A formidable network of Approved Repairers

    No one ever wishes to get involved in an accident – but the fact is that even when the greatest care is taken, it can happen. You’ll therefore be grateful that we have tried and tested a series of repairers ourselves, and added the ones that we trust to our Approved Repairer network.

    You’ll find the details of them on our website, and using one entitles you to such perks as free car valeting and a free courtesy car scheme for the duration of the repair.

    Every element of cover that you could need

    Whether you are especially anxious to ensure your next car insurance policy covers you against windscreen breakage, legal defence costs, emergency treatment expenses, fire, theft, own damage or almost any number of other risks, you can depend on Ibex to provide suitable cover.

    Would you like to discuss with us in greater detail what you require from a motor insurance broker in Spain, Portugal or Gibraltar such as ourselves, or even request a quote? If so, you can do the latter easily online right now

    – or you could always just look up your nearest local Ibex office.


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