Spain:900 102 527

Portugal:800 860 705

Gibraltar:200 44628

UK:0845 652 4239

Other Numbers

From the UK: 0845 652 4239 (local rate)

From Ireland: 01 246 7677 (local rate)

All other countries: +34 956 695 752 (international rate)



Other Numbers

From the UK: 0845 652 4239 (local rate)

From Ireland: 01 246 7677 (local rate)

All other countries: +34 956 695 752 (international rate)




  • Open Letter to UK Citizens Living in Spain, from HMA Simon Manley

    Given the success of the Spanish State Visit to the UK the week before last, which, among other things, highlighted the importance of people to people links between our two countries, I thought it timely to return to the subject of citizens' rights in the negotiations on our departure from and f...Read More


  • Boat owners now need insurance in Gibraltar

    Boat owners will be required to buy third party insurance for their vessels under new regulations published by the Gibraltar Government. The new rules are in the form of two amendments to the Seaside Pleasure Boat Rules 1989 and aim to enhance safety of navigation in the port and in British ...Read More


  • Driving in flip-flops or without a t-shirt. Illegal or not?

    On 6 July the DGT (Traffic Department) posted a document showing that as a general rule, is NOT illegal to drive with flip flops and without T-shirt. Thanks to Andrea Lowe who translated this document for all of you. Let´s share it and avoid more rumours about these questions. ...Read More


  • Drivers see red over EN125’s solid white lines

    A new controversy has added further fuel to the fiery mess that have been the Algarve’s never-ending EN125 roadworks between Vila do Bispo and Olhão. This time drivers are complaining about several new “linhas contínuas” (solid white lines that prohibit overta...Read More


  • Road deaths up, accidents down in first half of 2017 in Portugal

    Accidents on Portugal’s roads have, during the first six months of this year, caused 237 deaths. This is 44 more deaths then during the first half of last year, according to figures from the National Road Safety Authority (ANSR). With regards to accidents, close to 61,000 accidents were re...Read More


  • Strike action on the Madrid Metro

    Strike action is currently taking place on the Madrid Metro and is due to finish at 1:30am on 2 July 2017; public transport may also be busier than normal due to the WorldPride festival taking place in Madrid until 2 July. Source:- More


  • Tips for a safer summer on the roads in Spain

    Plan the trip by the safest route to avoid unforeseen events. The DGT has several channels such as the DGT free app, the twitter accounts @informacionDGT and @DGTes and radio broadcasts, alerting the real time traffic situation and any incidents that may exist. Check the vehicle. Good maintena...Read More


  • Forest fires in Portugal

    A forest fire has claimed the lives of a large number of people in the Pedrogão Grande area of central Portugal and isn’t yet under control. Other smaller fires have also been reported elsewhere in the country due to high temperatures. Forest fires are highly dangerous and unpredict...Read More


  • Portugal - 3rd most peaceful country in the world

    Portugal has been placed on the ‘Peace Podium’ after once again climbing up the latest Global Peace Index. This comes after Portugal had risen to fifth in 2016, when it was also the country with the biggest improvement in Europe. The rankings, sent to The Portugal News on Thursday af...Read More


  • Portugal keeps on growing

    A series of positive economic facts and figures have emerged in recent days for Portugal. Unemployment dropped to just over 10 percent, sovereign debt sales were at pre-crisis levels while the economy posted growth last seen in 2007. Tourism and exports were the driving force behind Portugal...Read More