Spain:900 102 527

Portugal:800 860 705

Gibraltar:200 44628

UK:0845 652 4239

Other Numbers

From the UK: 0845 652 4239 (local rate)

From Ireland: 01 246 7677 (local rate)

All other countries: +34 956 695 752 (international rate)



Other Numbers

From the UK: 0845 652 4239 (local rate)

From Ireland: 01 246 7677 (local rate)

All other countries: +34 956 695 752 (international rate)




  • Major alert as Lisbon and Faro airports ‘run out of fuel’

    Easter flight misery looks like hitting early this year with the statement by ANA airports authority this morning that its Lisbon and Faro complexes have run out of fuel. On just day two of the strike by truck drivers tasked with transporting ‘dangerous materials’, the country&rs...Read More


  • Easter opening hours

    Our Easter opening hours are as follows:- 18 April:- Our offices in Almancil, Gibraltar and Tavira will close at 1pm. Our offices in Quesada will be open as usual. Our offices in Albox, Estepona, Fuengirola, Mallorca, Mazarrón, Mojácar, Orihuela Costa and Ten...Read More


  • Preparing for Easter

    In order to ensure that drivers maintain safe speeds, there will be 724 speed control points, 62 radars, 557 mobile radars on the roads of Spain to ensure the safest movement of traffic for the Easter period. For more information, please click here More


  • Nearly two hundred black spots reported on Spain’s roads

    A total of 195 black spots have been reported on Spanish roads so far this year, up from 190 in 2018 according to new figures. The European Automobile Association’s (AEA) annual report showed risks on roads increased by two per cent over the past five years. Valladolid Province&rsq...Read More


  • A third of Spain is forest

    Spain is ranked 76th in the world by forest area with 36.94 per cent of the country covered by forests. And according to the World Bank data, Spain’s forest area has grown 33 per cent since 1990 rising from 27.65 per cent in 1990 to 36.9 per cent in 2016. Suriname is the country wi...Read More


  • Madrid adopts rules that will shut down over 10,000 holiday apartments

    The Madrid city council has approved a special plan regulating holiday rentals that will foreseeably shut down over 10,000 apartments currently used for short-term tourist stays. The new regulations stipulate, among other things, that apartments used as holiday rentals inside residential bui...Read More


  • Property sales in Portugal ‘have never been at this level’

    Statistics institute INE has released figures showing house sales in Portugal reached ‘a new maximum’ in 2018 “even with prices continuing to rise’. Exactly 178,691 transactions took place, representing the highest number since ‘records (of this type) began’ i...Read More


  • Update - No Deal Brexit – Driving in Spain

    The United Kingdom Government and the Government of Gibraltar have this morning sought further clarification from the Government of the Kingdom of Spain in respect of the continued use of existing driving licences by UK and Gibraltar motorists. This follows a degree of ambiguity in the subst...Read More


  • Buyer-seller expectation gap widens to 22 per cent in Portugal

    The average price of property rocketed by 15.4 per cent in the space of a year in Portugal. But while real estate continues to result in relatively decent profits for sellers, new data also indicates that their expectations of the property’s worth and its actual selling price have widened ...Read More


  • Validity of the UK driving licences in Spain after Brexit

    Here is the section from the Spanish Royal Decree that covers UK Driving Licences, translated: Within section 4, the purpose of Article 22 is to find an adequate alternative for citizens residing in Spain and holders of a British driving licence, which is currently valid for driving in our ...Read More