Spain:900 102 527

Portugal:800 860 705

Gibraltar:200 44628

UK:0845 652 4239

Other Numbers

From the UK: 0845 652 4239 (local rate)

From Ireland: 01 246 7677 (local rate)

All other countries: +34 914 142 334 (international rate)



Other Numbers

From the UK: 0845 652 4239 (local rate)

From Ireland: 01 246 7677 (local rate)

All other countries: +34 914 142 334 (international rate)




  • ​Portugal is officially open for British tourists, from May 17th

    The Portuguese Minister of State for Foreign Affairs announced that British Tourists will be allowed to enter Portugal as of the 00:00 of 17th of May. This decision, will revoke the essential travel restrictions, that are in place until the 16th of May. Any person entering Portugal will hav...Read More


  • Covid-19 Vaccine Information in Spain

    If you are resident in Spain and have private health insurance, rather than being in the state system and would like to know how you can register for the Covid-19 vaccine please see below. Because Spain operates its health system regionally, the way people access the vaccine will diff...Read More


  • Brexit Statement for Customers

    To all Ibex Customers 31 December 2020 Brexit – We are ready! The transition period for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union (EU) is currently due to end on Dec 31st 2020 but we’re happy to let you know that this will have no effect on your insuran...Read More


  • British living in Portugal may lose UK bank accounts

    Thousands of British citizens whose registered address is in Portugal and who do not have a second home in the United Kingdom risk losing their bank accounts by the end of the year. Lloyds, Barclays and Coutts say that the administrative cost and international processing fees will simply mak...Read More


  • UK opens air corridor to Portugal – finally

    At last common sense has prevailed on the British Government which decided on Thursday to finally lift a controversial and contentious Covid-19 travel restriction which meant travellers returning from Portugal to the UK had to go into enforced quarantine for 14 days. The announcement that Br...Read More


  • Portugal still on UK travel blacklist despite low infection numbers

    The United Kingdom is remaining inflexibly stubborn over its strict policy of making British holidaymakers returning from Portugal go into self-isolation for 14 days. Says the Portugal Resident newspaper, The British government has failed to take Portugal’s progress into account. Portu...Read More


  • New law in Portugal sees fines for cigarette butt throwers

    A new law passed last year entailing fines for anyone caught throwing cigarettes butts onto the floor will come into effect next month. Transgressors could be slapped with fines ranging between €25 and €250. The law was passed on 3 September last year and also applies to establish...Read More


  • Hopes rise for UK Portugal quarantine lift

    Portugal is said to be holding talks with the British Government again in a bid to get quarantine measures scrapped for holidaymakers returning from Portugal to the UK. At present everyone visiting the UK from Portugal must self-isolate for two weeks regardless of whether they have a Covid-1...Read More


  • Number of UK citizens emigrating to EU has risen by 30% since Brexit vote

    The number of British nationals emigrating to other EU countries has risen by 30% since the Brexit referendum, with half making their decision to leave in the first three months after the vote, research has found. Analysis of data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Developme...Read More


  • Portugal still off UK air bridge list

    Portugal remains off the list of the travel corridors that exempt passengers from quarantine on arrival in the United Kingdom, despite the British government having added five countries today. Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia and the St. Vincent archipelago in the Caribbean were added to...Read More