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Car Insurance FAQ's

What are the laws regarding motor vehicle insurance in Gibraltar?

Gibraltar Law is similar to the road traffic laws in other countries throughout member states of the European Union. All vehicles using the roads must be insured for third party liability risks. All Ibex Motor policies fully comply with the Regulations of all EU territories. Ibex is able to insure Gibraltar registered vehicles as the insurer is Lloyd's of London. Lloyd's is allowed, under the EU "Freedom of Services" Directive, to cross border service from the UK.

Is it true that I must carry all my vehicle documentation in the vehicle at all times?

Whilst driving your car on the road in Gibraltar we would recommend to have the following documents with you.

Am I able to transfer my No Claim Discount from my previous Insurer?

If you have earned no claims bonus in an EU country this can be used towards your Ibex policy in Gibraltar and Ibex will accept written proof from your previous insurer

What if I want to take my vehicle outside of Gibraltar?

If you are travelling outside the Iberian Peninsula for a period longer than a month please tell us how long you are travelling for. Your policy provides free foreign cover for temporary visits to:

* If you are intending to visit any country not listed above you must contact us prior to departure.

* If you intend to stay in any EEA country outside the Iberian Peninsula for longer than 90 days you should arrange a new policy locally. When you return your Certificate of Insurance & Green Card a return premium will be due based on the unexpired period of cover, subjects to no claims having arisen.

What do I do if I want to include an additional driver on my policy?

Your current schedule/certificate of Insurance shows who is covered to drive your vehicle. If you need to add any further drivers you need to call Ibex. In certain cases an additional premium may be charged and we may need to issue a new policy.

Can I tow a trailer or caravan?

Yes if they are not being used for commercial purposes and measure 10 meters or less in total whilst being towed, including the length of your vehicle. You must declare that you will be towing a trailer or caravan and a small additional premium may be charged. Your policy will provide cover for legal liabilities while you are towing, but it does not provide cover for damage to the trailer itself or the items being towed, nor does it provide cover for the trailer whilst it is detached from your vehicle. We recommend that you arrange separate cover for these risks.