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Not a cheery subject, but have you ever thought about how would cope with the funeral arrangements if your partner or a member of the family passed away? 

It is often a subject that we shy away from talking about but in reality the organisation of a funeral in Gibraltar can be quite daunting and is increasing in price all the time.  Another consideration is that it is quite common for bank accounts in sole names of the deceased to be frozen leaving loved ones with a financial as well as emotional burden.

For these reasons you should consider buying a funeral plan.  It might seem a morbid purchase but it is practical, will ease the burden on your family and sadly it will one day be used.

This is where Ibex can help. We offer Golden Leaves Funeral Plans.  Golden Leaves is a long established, highly respected UK business that has been operating in Gibraltar for many years.  By planning your funeral in advance you can be sure to have the funeral that you would like and release your family from the stress and anxiety of organising it at a time of great distress.

There are three Plans available to choose from.  You pay today´s prices and the funds are invested in an independent Trust Fund on your behalf.  So however much the cost of a funeral rises, you still get exactly what you have planned and paid for.  There are no medical or health questionnaires to complete and, whatever your age or medical conditions, you can purchase a Plan.

With a Golden Leaves Plan it is simple, the funeral is paid for and your family just have to make one call and a local Golden Leaves International Counsellor will assist from there.

Maybe your plans will change after losing a loved one and you do not want to stay in Gibraltar any longer.  Don’t worry, your Golden Leaves funeral plan is transferrable back to another country.  If the funeral costs are more expensive in the other country then you would need to pay the difference

There are easy payment options available rather than paying the full price, it is possible to pay over 12 months interest free or if you prefer, you can pay over 3 or 5 years. Once the plan is paid for, that’s it.  This is not an insurance policy, where a premium is paid annually until death.

If you would like more information, please pop in to the Ibex office or give us a call on 200 44628.  We’ll be happy to help.