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Marine Insurance Summary of Covers

The Vessel

  • Insurance based on the "agreed value".
  • Vessel includes sails, machinery, gear, equipment, including its boat(s)/tender, lifejackets, fixed and handheld navigational aids, furniture and fittings.
  • Cover includes: Physical loss to the vessel, caused by accident, theft, deliberate damage not caused by you and vandalism, fire and / or explosion, acts of piracy.

The Trailer

  •  Physical loss of trailer or damage caused by theft, fire, explosion, lightning, earthquake, collision or accident whilst in use.

Third Party Cover

  • Legal liability to another person arising out of your interest in, or use of, the Vessel.

Personal Accident Cover

  • This will cover you for bodily injuries caused by an accident on board the Vessel including emergency medical expenses.                        

Alternative Accommodation

  • Alternative accommodation expenses following loss or damage to the Vessel.

Optional Cover Available

  • Extended cruising range
  • High speed (in excess of 17 knots)
  • Transit risks
  • Personal effects 
  • Rig exclusion
  • Machinery damage
  • Marina benefits
  • Chartering
  • Protected no claims bonus
  • Club racing
  • Waterskiing