5 of the best reasons to ask for a motorbike insurance quote in Gibraltar

5 of the best reasons to ask for a motorbike insurance quote in Gibraltar Image

July 09, 2024

Whether you're a seasoned rider or a novice, having the right coverage can protect you from unexpected expenses and provide peace of mind on the road.

Attempting to arrange the right motorcycle cover is a case in point. There are just so many things that could go wrong – ranging from misunderstanding the specific terms of the policy that you purchase, right through to overlooking the importance of certain optional extras.

So, we thought we would take you on a quick tour of five of the reasons why – when you are on the lookout for a motorbike insurance quote in Gibraltar – Ibex Insurance should be your choice.

Every policy can incorporate breakdown cover and legal protection

As we referenced above, certain things can be easily forgotten or overlooked by those seeking a motorcycle insurance quote.
We wouldn’t wish you to miss out on either of these essential elements of coverage. So, we have made sure it is a quick and straightforward process to add them to your own next motorbike insurance plan.

Multiple levels of breakdown cover to choose from

When you request a motorbike insurance quote in Gibraltar from Ibex Insurance, you will be able to opt for essential-level breakdown cover for Gibraltar, or prestige-level breakdown cover for any member country of the European Union (EU).

As with any other aspect of our motorcycle cover, if there’s anything about our breakdown cover that you’re unsure about, please ask!

It’s easy to pick between comprehensive and third-party-only policies

Whether you’re prioritising arranging third-party-only cover with legal defence and legal liability insurance, or you require a comprehensive plan that really does cover every major risk to you and others, we can guide you towards the most appropriate policy.

You can call us, request a quote online, or visit us in person

If you would appreciate a friendly and helpful face-to-face conversation, you’re welcome to pop into our Gibraltar office at 68 Irish Town. You can also call our Gibraltar office team on +350 200 44628, send us an email, or request a quote online from wherever you are, right now.

A discount can be yours on your second motorcycle insurance policy

If there are multiple motorcycles that you would like to insure through us, ask us about how much you could save. Speaking of financial convenience, we are also pleased to offer flexible payment options.

With our comprehensive and responsive service, Ibex Insurance stands ready to serve your most specific needs for a motorbike insurance quote in Gibraltar.

So, why not browse our website to discover what protection we could give to you and your two-wheeled pride and joy, thereby helping you to feel more at ease when you next take to the road?

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