A few things to bear in mind if you want to move with your cat or dog to Gibraltar

A few things to bear in mind if you want to move with your cat or dog to Gibraltar Image

April 25, 2023

The prospect of moving to the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar with your four-legged friend is likely to be an extremely exciting one for you – after all, why wouldn’t it be? This is a sun-drenched and scenic part of the world that also happens to offer a very rewarding lifestyle.

Alternatively, you might be someone who is long-established in Gibraltar, and who nonetheless wishes to bring a pet over to this part of the Iberian Peninsula.

Whatever the situation may be, have you accounted for all the vital factors that will inform the process of getting your beloved pet to Gibraltar? Below, we’ve picked out at least some of the things you ought to be thinking about.

The rules and regulations governing bringing a pet to Gibraltar

Naturally, a certain issue arises when the subject of rules and regulations is referenced in a blog post like this one; such rules and regulations are constantly subject to change. So, whatever we state here, we would always urge you to check the latest rules directly with the Gibraltar authorities, rather than depend on the content of an external blog article.

Nonetheless, to give an example of the situation at the time of this article being written, if you are looking to bring a cat or dog into Gibraltar from the European Union (EU) or a listed non-EU country, one key requirement is for the animal to be identifiable by use of a microchip, as stated by Gibraltar’s Environmental Agency.

The agency further sets out that animals are required to be vaccinated for rabies following microchipping. This must be done a minimum of 21 days prior to the animal entering Gibraltar.

There is also a need for the given animal to be accompanied by a “pet passport”. However, if the pet will be travelling from the UK, the post-Brexit situation is that a Health Certificate detailing the animal’s up-to-date vaccinations will be enough.

Your pet’s stress levels, including on the day itself

One thing that you won’t want to do is unduly panic your cat or dog. However, this could happen if they see on the moving day that your current home is gradually emptying and you are taking loaded boxes outside to put in the van or truck.

So, one good tip here could be to, before you get to the aforementioned stage, arrange for your pet to be in a quiet room with the door closed. This will help minimize any scope for your cat or dog to panic when they sense worrying change.

Whether you have the right pet insurance in place

According to our own estimate, fewer than a tenth of cats and dogs in Gibraltar are insured, which might be a surprise to some of you reading this. And at a time when so much else may be changing in your life as you manage your move to Gibraltar, surely, you don’t want your pet to be left unprotected in case an emergency occurs necessitating veterinary treatment?

So, if there was ever a time to seek out pet insurance quotes in Gibraltar, that time is surely when you are on the verge of bringing your dog or cat over to the British Overseas Territory.

Thankfully, here at Ibex Insurance, we make that particular process easy for you. You can purchase cat or dog insurance via our website within minutes, although we would naturally urge you to first ensure you are clear about your exact needs from such insurance.

Indeed, our own insurance is available at Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels, with elements of coverage including boarding fees, death from accident, loss from theft or straying, vet fees, and so much more. These different levels of cover will help ensure you can choose a policy that fits your practical and budgetary needs well.

So, why wait any longer to join the many other satisfied customers down the years who have used Ibex Insurance to request competitive and comprehensive pet insurance quotes in Gibraltar? We would be pleased to help make sure you don’t have to worry about how to pay for veterinary care for your pet throughout your time in the British Overseas Territory.

You can buy your policy online now, from the comfort of your own home, via the Ibex website. Or why not give our Gibraltar office a call today, on +350 200 44628, for further advice and information.

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