Cover all the bases for Gibraltar home / apartment insurance with our help

Cover all the bases for Gibraltar home / apartment insurance with our help Image

August 09, 2022

Whether you are based permanently in Gibraltar or you own an apartment in the British Overseas Territory that you spend a certain amount of the year in, you will doubtless have worked hard to own what you have, and will want to do everything possible to protect it.

But when you are seeking out a comprehensive and competitive home insurance quote in Gibraltar, you won’t want to have to go from lender to lender for a quote, making sure every possible risk is truly covered for an affordable price.

So, what can a policy obtained through us protect against?

Apply for an home insurance quote in Gibraltar through Ibex today, and your policy could cover you for all the key risks to your property in the territory – think fire, explosion, lightning, smoke, and so many more.

If any risks like the above do occur one day while the policy is active, and there is a need for you to spend some time in temporary accommodation for the time needed to restore your home / apartment to a habitable condition, a policy obtained through us can cover those temporary accommodation costs.

It is certainly easy to overlook the full range of risks for which the right home / apartment insurance can prove invaluable. Would the policy that you are considering right now, for example, allow for the replacement of your property’s external locks in the event of your keys being stolen? What about if an electrical power surge causes damage to your home, or if glass or mirrors in your property are accidentally damaged while the property is occupied?

These are all potential scenarios that we can help you guard against with the home / apartment insurance policy that we put together with you.

Don’t wait any longer to reach out to the professionals in home/ apartment cover

Seeking out a quote can be as quick and straightforward as completing and submitting our online home insurance quote request form in a few minutes. However, it’s worth remembering that we also have a brick-and-mortar office at 68 Irish Town, which you are free to visit if you would prefer having a face-to-face chat with a friendly member of staff.

There’s a good reason why Ibex is the insurance broker on the Iberian Peninsula to which so many people turn, including when they are in need of the right apartment insurance quote in Gibraltar. We simply provide a more complete service, covering more bases, than any other broker!

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