In these economically challenging times, our car insurance in Gibraltar gives you great options

In these economically challenging times, our car insurance in Gibraltar gives you great options Image

March 01, 2023

It isn’t exactly ‘news’ that the economic picture – whether for Gibraltar or the wider world – is currently uncertain. Many parts of the world have seen stunted growth in recent times, as issues like inflation, high energy costs, and staffing shortages have imperiled the ability of companies to grow or even survive.

If, then, you are on the lookout for car insurance in Gibraltar, you might have experienced some level of knock-on effect from this.

You might be in a situation in which you have to look closer at how flexible a given insurer’s payment options are, or the multi-policy discounts that insurers can offer you. And, of course, there is simply the all-round affordability of a given insurance policy’s premiums to think about, relative to the protection you get in return.

When you are in such a situation, you will want to be able to place your trust in a broker or insurer that has an excellent general reputation. The temptation to go for something ‘cheap and cheerful’ might have never been greater when it comes to your needs for car insurance in Gibraltar – but if you select the wrong insurance company or policy, ‘cheap’ will be far from ‘cheerful’.

So, why does Ibex Insurance make so much sense as a source of car insurance in Gibraltar?

So much about our car insurance in Gibraltar is about giving options to potential policyholders. And we aren’t just talking about the fact that we offer three types of cover – namely comprehensive, third-party fire and theft, and third party only including glass – although that is naturally important, too.

That’s because, when you are seeking out cover for your Gibraltar or UK-registered car, van or 4x4 located in Gibraltar, you are also likely to be thankful for such perks as an up to 65% no-claims discount, a 90-day green card for European cover, and perhaps even the special rates we offer to those over 40.

This is before we even mention the two levels of breakdown cover from which you can choose when purchasing car insurance in Gibraltar through us. Specifically, you can pick from essential-level breakdown assistance cover for your jurisdiction of residence – Gibraltar itself – or prestige-level breakdown assistance cover, which can be used in any European Union member country.

The breakdown cover is an optional extra, so it’s something you can choose to skip if you are especially anxious to save money, or if you already have some level of protection from elsewhere. Of course, it is crucial to make sure you would be able to cope in the event of breaking down in Gibraltar or elsewhere in Europe – so, trying to go without breakdown assistance cover could be a false economy.

Something else that you might be quite grateful to have with your car insurance in Gibraltar, is hire car cover. The way this works with Ibex is simple: in the event of your vehicle being damaged or lost due to theft or a road traffic accident covered under the policy’s terms, we will cover the costs for you to hire an alternative vehicle. This cover is subject to the limits that your policy will set out.

Finally, you can also take advantage of a protected no-claims bonus if you do get your car in Gibraltar insured with us.

Would you like to learn more about our car insurance in Gibraltar, or to request a quote?

If you would like to get straight on with asking for a competitive quote, it’s a quick and straightforward process to do so online. But those who would like to have a more detailed conversation about their needs before committing to a particular policy are also welcome to reach out via phone or email to our Gibraltar office, or to pay a visit in person to our office at 68 Irish Town.

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