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September 27, 2023

As the summer of 2023 comes to end and we start looking forward to some winter sun or some winter sports activities we should take the time to consider the importance of travel insurance for the “unexpected” whilst we are away from home.

The Travel industry as a whole as reached some jaw-dropping record highs in 2022 with an estimated £352 Million travel claim costs in the UK alone. That is 230% up on the stats for 2021!

As we are aware the cost of everything has gone up recently, but it is important to note that the cost of medical treatment abroad has significantly increased and the average cost for a medical treatment is now 33% up from 2021/2022 costs. That is a lot of money to find if you don’t have the appropriate cover. Claims costs are also increasing with the age of the traveller with costs for those aged 36-40 averaging at £571, rising to an average of £1,950 for those aged 71-75.
Some eye-watering travel medical claims which have thankfully have been covered by our Travel Insurance in 2023! Giving our customers peace of mind and protection whilst travelling.

£66,636 / 76,630 €
Medical costs and repatriation back to Spain

£62,500 / 71,875€
Cruise ship off load and inpatient treatment in USA hospital

£40,000 / 46,000€
Impatient treatment in USA hospital

Cancellation cover due to a missed cruise for medical reasons

It is not just the cover for medical costs abroad to consider before you travel, in addition to emergency medical cover our travel insurance protects you and your family or travelling companions for cover against:
• Lost or stolen luggage.
• Cancellations or holiday being cut short (for reasons out of your control)
• Missed Departure
• Loss of money or travel documents
• Pet Car Expenses*
• Winter Sports Cover**
• Gadget Cover**
• Enhanced Travel Delay/Missed Departure Cover**
• Hire Car Excess Waiver**
• Cruise Plus Cover**
• Golf Cover **
• Business Plus Cover**

*Super & Super Plus Cover Only
**Optional Covers for an additional charge

If you are already travelling and reading this and forgot to get your insurance!! No problem, click on the below link and purchase your travel insurance on the go!

If you are planning that trip soon, contact our office in 68 Irish Town or call us on 200 44628 and we can assemble an expat travel insurance policy that will give you and those travelling with you all, important protection and peace of mind.

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