We offer many different forms of business insurance

We offer many different forms of business insurance Image

May 23, 2024

It would be quite an understatement to say that businesses around Europe have been subject to a broad range of challenges in recent years.

However, even in times that could be described as relatively “serene”, the task of running a successful business has long been challenging for even the most resourceful entrepreneurs and business owners.

This underlines the importance of such business owners continually reviewing their company’s insurance arrangements, so that they can be sure of their needs being consistently met. Our experts at Ibex Insurance can help ensure you benefit from perfectly tailored business insurance in Gibraltar.

The right cover for a variety of types of business

Many different forms of business thrive in this part of southwestern Europe, encompassing the likes of office-based companies, restaurants, pubs, hostels, and hotels.

While businesses in different industries will always have their own specialized needs, many of these types of company also have much in common. Such businesses consistently require, for example, competitively priced and flexible business insurance policies that come with a broad range of insurable limits.

Furthermore, business owners in Spain, Portugal, and Gibraltar rightly have high expectations of the customer service offering they get from their chosen broker or insurer. This is why Ibex Insurance has brick-and-mortar Ibex offices located  at 68 Irish Town, Gibraltar.

Telephone, email, and live chat options are also available.

This commitment to a professional and friendly customer service – delivered entirely in plain English – helps us ensure that business owners can quickly benefit from a policy that is well-adapted to them.

Your own company’s business insurance in Gibraltar can incorporate such areas of protection as property damage, loss of rent, water damage, legal protection, public liability cover, tenant’s liability, and employer’s liability.

The business cover that you arrange through Ibex Insurance may also incorporate extended warranty coverage in relation to rain, flood, wind, vandalism, strikes, smoke and/or other risks.

Allow us to advise and guide you through your options for business cover

Understandably, with the insurance needs that businesses have being so wide-ranging, you might be unsure what coverage your company truly requires, and what elements of protection may be unnecessary.

This could be one more reason to call or email Ibex Insurance office, or to visit in person, so that one of our experts can advise you on the aspects you most need to know.

It’s worth taking the time now to ensure your business is well-protected against all conceivable risks for the summer ahead, so that you can focus on simply growing your company!

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