What are some of our trusted home insurance covers in Gibraltar?

What are some of our trusted home insurance covers in Gibraltar? Image

June 05, 2024

There will be very few things in your life that you will care more about protecting, than your bricks-and-mortar property – and this might apply even more strongly in a beautiful part of the world such as Gibraltar.

This is why, here at Ibex Insurance, we seek to make the process of arranging house insurance covers in Gibraltar so easy.

So, what are just some of the home insurance coverage options that you could benefit from in Gibraltar? Let’s take you through them.

Permanent home insurance

There’s no such thing as merely “standard” Gibraltarian home insurance here at Ibex Insurance. Having said that, you also definitely won’t want your chosen insurance policy to neglect any of the essentials.

This is why, if it is permanent home insurance that you are interested in obtaining through us, you can expect the highest standard of protection against fire, smoke, lightning, storm, flood, and so many other “classic” risks.

We can cover both the building structure itself and its contents, as well as a broad variety of optional extras such as valuables and personal effects, personal money, credit cards, and even emergency travel cover.

Building-only home insurance

If it is simply the structure of your Gibraltar residential property for which you need a specific policy, you can be sure of us catering well to even your most demanding expectations.

With protection able to be arranged for such elements as subsidence if your property is less than a decade old, as well as falling trees or aerials, loss of rent, emergency access, and so much more.

Tenants insurance

If you rent your Gibraltar property and the building has contents that could be at risk of being damaged or stolen, a tenants insurance policy from us could give you peace of mind.

You might wish, for instance, to put in place legal liability cover as the occupier of your home, as well as to protect contents in the open or temporarily removed. Or what about optional extended accidental damage cover? These are all home insurance covers in Gibraltar that you may be interested in discussing with our professional and friendly insurance specialists.

Speaking of talking to our specialists, this process can be super easy in Gibraltar, as you will find our office at 68 Irish Town. You are also welcome to give us a call, on +350 200 44628, or even to simply request your Gibraltar home insurance quote online.

Why not get your home cover sorted now, so that you can rest easy for the rest of the summer?

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