With our help, your health insurance can cover you across the world

With our help, your health insurance can cover you across the world Image

February 16, 2023

The fact that you live in, and or work in, the beautiful and sun-bathed British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar, doesn’t necessarily indicate that you will only want your chosen private medical insurance policy to protect you on your home shores.

After all, you might well spend significant chunks of the year away from your main residence, such as on business trips to other areas of Europe or the world, or to see friends and family. If this describes your situation, you will probably be most comfortable with a medical plan that covers you almost wherever you are at any given time.

This brings us neatly onto the subject of our own European or global medical plans in Gibraltar here at Ibex Insurance. When only worldwide private medical insurance will do – potentially also including the United States for even greater peace of mind – we can help arrange the right policy.

What can you expect the most suitable private medical cover to include?

Of course, there can never be a single ‘catch-all’ answer to this question, because every given person who seeks out and compares medical plans in Gibraltar will have different preferences, needs and expectations to the next person.

As a general rule, the most suitable private health cover will give you the confidence that you will be able to access the medical treatment you want, when you need it – and on the terms that you desire.

State health service budgets around the globe continue to be under strain. So, if you live in Gibraltar and want to enjoy greater freedom and choice with regard to such things as where and when you will be treated, taking out private medical cover could be an exceedingly good decision for you and your household.

As for the specifics that the best private medical plan for you could include, we’re referring to such things as in-patient cover, out-patient cover, prescribed drugs/dressings, pregnancy, dental care… and potentially a lot more.

And as we referenced above, we can also make sure your chosen medical plan covers you in the parts of the world where you will wish to be protected.

One of the best reasons to turn to Ibex Insurance, is our service

While the extensive connections that we have with leading private healthcare insurers can greatly help ensure you find the most appropriate policy for you, there’s something else about Ibex Insurance that will aid in making that a reality: our professional, friendly, and responsive service.

We provide a simple-to-use and easy-to-understand service, from your first point of contact with us, right through to any claim you might need to make.

And if you’re ‘traditional’ enough to want to talk to a human being face-to-face about medical plans in Gibraltar before you commit to buying one, we can help you there, too! Simply head to our Gibraltar office at 68 Irish Town; you can also email us via, or give us a call on +350 200 44628.

Every aspect of our service here at Ibex Insurance is about making your life easier, and putting your mind at rest. Rest assured, the situation is no different when you want to quickly whittle down the available medical plans in Gibraltar to determine the right one for you.

You can even request a quote online for a health insurance policy. So, if you can’t bear to leave the comfort of your own home or office, why not do exactly this, so that we can give you the peace of mind you’re seeking in 2023?


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