Pet Insurance FAQ’s

No but we do cover cats and dogs from just 8 weeks old.

We do not cover cats over 8 years old or dogs over 10 years old unless through renewal of a policy taken out before the pet reached the afore-mentioned age.

No. Also if you take out a policy and do not keep your pet’s vaccinations up to date we will not pay claims resulting from any illness that it should have been vaccinated against.

No. Also we will not pay claims for illness or injury which start within 14 days of the start of cover.

Yes. Up to the maximum benefit for a period not exceeding 12 months as long as they are carried out under the direction of a vet and your policy remains in force throughout the period of the treatment.

If you take Silver or Gold level cover and if the pet holds a valid EU pet passport or PETS certificate issued prior to 1 October 2004.

Not during the first year of cover but in subsequent years you can cancel the insurance if there has been no claim or no incident likely to give rise to a claim. The refund will be based on short period rates laid out in the policy document.

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