Legal Protection - Benefits

Don't let the language barrier make you vulnerable, know and protect your rights in Spain with Ibex Legal Protection Policy.

Ibex Legal Protection offers you:

  • Legal assistance for you and your family for all your private matters in Spain.
  • Legal assistance helpline provided by English speaking specialists underwritten by ARAG, specialists in legal protection insurance since 1935.
  • Two levels of protection available (Legal Protection and Legal Protection Plus).

Legal Protection (only €49.50 per year)

Up to €6,000 defence, per claim, on matters including the following:

  • Rights relating to the home eg. Breach of building contracts, claims against neighbours, disputes with building's co-owners committee.
  • Criminal Defence - Protection if proceedings brought against you.
  • Compensation of damages - including personal bodily injury and personal property damage.

Legal Protection Plus (only €215 per year)

All the benefits of the Legal Protection policy plus: Up to €6,000 defence, per claim, on matters including the following:

  • Defence for other insurance policies.
  • Defence in administrative proceedings.
  • Defence in employment and tax proceedings.
  • Defence in consumer disputes.
  • Additional public liability defence.
  • Separation or divorce benefits - €1,200

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