5 things to double-check before you commit to a pet insurance policy in Spain

5 things to double-check before you commit to a pet insurance policy in Spain Image

February 06, 2023

The fact that you are reading this suggests you are conscious of the need to ensure your four-legged friend is given the best health protection possible – after all, your dog or cat is a member of your family, and deserves to be well looked-after.

Here at Ibex Insurance, we do our bit to help ease the process of finding suitable pet insurance for cats & dogs in Spain. We are particularly known for the help that we give to expatriates in Spain to find the right insurance cover for them, and to this end provide an easy-to-understand, English-speaking service.

But of course, there are still certain things that you will need to do, and decisions you will need to make, when you are comparing your options for pet insurance as someone living in Spain.
So, here are a few things to double-check on whatever particular pet insurance policy has caught your eye in Spain, before you finally purchase it.

What is insured…

This might seem a rather obvious point to make, but you really do need to make sure you aren’t committing to a pet insurance policy that doesn’t insure what you need it to insure (bearing in mind other priorities such as cost, of course).

Here at Ibex, for instance, we are proud to offer pet cover that protects for such things as death from accident, loss from theft or straying, vet fees, boarding fees, overseas travel cover, and so on.

But it’s still crucial to pore carefully over the details of what is and is not covered, as it can be easy to get caught out by terms and conditions you initially miss or misunderstand. If you are in any doubt as to a specific aspect of your potential Ibex pet insurance policy, please just ask us!

…and what isn’t insured

Again, we can provide the information and documents to help ensure you know what your policy insures, and what your policy won’t protect for.

Our policies do not, for example, cover a pet’s pre-existing conditions, and nor will there be any payout in relation to an illness or injury that occurs within the first 14 days of your pet being covered by us.

Whether your pet is covered for foreign travel

If you don’t plan to travel with your pet beyond Spain, this naturally won’t be a concern – but if you do have such plans, make sure you take out our Silver or Gold level cover.

Our basic Bronze cover doesn’t include any overseas travel cover, and it doesn’t cover you for the loss of a pet passport and Healthcare Certificate, either.

Your obligations in relation to the cover

No one wants to be lectured about having “responsibilities, not just rights”; nonetheless, if you do wish to take out a pet insurance policy with Ibex, it is important to carefully read this part of your prospective insurance policy, to make sure you are happy with the terms.

A relatively obvious thing to say is that you will be expected to pay the excess for each claim, as will be laid out in the schedule. You are also obliged to take care of your pet, which will include arranging and paying for any treatment that your vet normally recommends.

When and how you will pay for the policy

We enable pet insurance policyholders with us to pay for their premium in one go for the entire year, or instead by three monthly instalments, if this arrangement works better for them.

You can pay for your Ibex pet cover by bank transfer or with your debit or credit card. If you visit us in person at one of our brick-and-mortar offices, you are welcome to do so using card, cash, or by bank transfer.

There you have it – five things to remember and check if you are looking to buy a pet insurance policy through us, or indeed, any other insurer or broker. With our own excellent track record as a source of pet insurance for cats & dogs in Spain, we would be pleased to provide you with a comprehensive and competitive quote; or you can buy online right now.

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