Andalucía starts the week with yellow warning for rough seas

Andalucía starts the week with yellow warning for rough seas Image

May 20, 2024

Low pressure around the British Isles and a front of cold air will heavily influence the weather this week in Spain, with a warm weekend expected.

May continues to be unpredictable with the typical meteorological ups and downs of spring. This week, the presence of low pressure around the British Isles and the release of cold air in the form of troughs will influence the forecast. Strong sunshine typical of the season will give rise to daytime thunderstorms on the mainland, as warned by specialised weather website Meteored.

"This Monday, 20 May, clouds and rainfall - present in practically the entire northern half of the country and in the afternoon in the southern half," said the national meteorological agency Aemet. Four regions (Balearic Islands, Andalucía, Catalonia and Valencia) will be under a yellow warning for either rain - up to 20mm in an hour -, waves or storms. Andalucía, Almeria and Granada will remain at risk of wind from the west with intervals of 50 to 60 km/h and waves of two to three metres.

Will it rain? The sky is still the focus of attention, but the news is not optimistic, given the possible rainfall will be very limited. "According to the trend forecast from the ECMWF, our reference agency, the week will be slightly dry overall compared to the weather at the time in Spain, except in Catalonia and parts of the Pyrenees. This is due to the fact that most of the weekly precipitation will fall in the form of localised showers. The downpours will affect areas in the northern half of the country and the Balearic Islands, while in the south there will be hardly any showers at all," Meteored pointed out.

On Tuesday, heavy showers will continue in the northeast of Catalonia, in the area of the Sistema Ibérico, inland Castellón and inland parts of the Cantabrian regions. More than 10mm could accumulate in the interior of Girona, Asturias and Cantabria.

On Wednesday, according to Aemet, the unpredictable weather will decrease, although on this day there will still be cloudy skies and showers in the northern third of the country, without ruling it out in other areas of northern Spain, as well as in points of the Balearic Islands. The rest of the skies will be generally lightly cloudy with temperatures hardly changing. Daytime temperatures will be between 3-5 degrees lower than usual for this time of year in areas in the north and west of the country until the middle of the week.

Anticyclonic ridge

From Thursday onwards, the anticyclone could gain some strength in the southwest of the country. The highest temperatures of the week, presumably in the final stretch of the week, with maximums above 32-34 degrees will be recorded in the valleys of the Guadalquivir, Guadiana and parts of Castilla-La Mancha.

In the first half of the week, temperatures will exceed 30 degrees in inland Murcia, Valencia and southern Alicante, according to the Meteored website. "During the weekend, temperatures will reach or exceed 30 to 32 degrees in areas of the south and east of the country," said Aemet spokesperson Rubén del Campo.

The rise in temperatures will extend to a large part of the country on Friday, a day on which temperatures will already exceed 20 degrees in almost the entire country except in parts of the Cantabrian Sea and the Pyrenees. In fact, in the central areas, the south of the country and the Balearic Islands, it will already be over 25 degrees, in the Guadiana Valley it will be around 30 degrees and in areas in the southeast and the Guadalquivir it will be around 30 to 32C. Del Campo said storms will form this day in the area around the Pyrenees and the Iberian system, but in general in the rest of Spain dry weather will prevail.

Looking ahead to the weekend, high pressure will become stronger over most of Spain and there will be hardly any rain, although stormy showers may occur again in mountainous areas in the north and east, but only in isolated areas. Temperatures are also expected to rise this weekend.


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