Anger as Spain’s Mandatory toll roads return in 2024 with some drivers exempt

Anger as Spain’s Mandatory toll roads return in 2024 with some drivers exempt Image

September 23, 2022

Spain’s mandatory toll roads return in 2024 as part of the agreement with the EU which provided aid of €70 billion as part of the recovery plans for the bloc following the pandemic.

Pere Navarro, Head of the General Directorate of Traffic ( DGT) told El Periodico on Friday, September 23 that not everyone will have to pay the toll fees.

That has caused an outcry in some quarters with many people likely to see the cost of their travel jump. While some will benefit from the revised system of toll fees others will have to pay for the same journey and that they say is grossly unfair.

So just who will benefit?

The first group are those that use the toll roads to travel to and from their place of work. Their journey in the morning from their home and again in the evening back to their home will be exempt, but others who use the same road for different reasons will be required to pay the toll fee.

Students of any driving age will be exempt, as will those traveling by private transfer to health centers for their appointments.

What is not clear at the moment is how the DGT will administer these differences, although there is plenty of time to prepare for the change.

What also isn’t clear is where the mandatory toll roads will return with many booths having been removed, while some towns and villages face the prospect of traffic returning to their roads should tolls become payable once again.


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