Beware! DGT Fines Await The Unwary Passenger

Beware! DGT Fines Await The Unwary Passenger Image

October 31, 2023

Information about Spain’s traffic authority usually centres around the actions and responsibilities of the driver, but passengers themselves could also be subject to financial penalties.

Did you know passengers aren’t exempt from fines? In Spain, the Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT) highlighted the concept of shared responsibility for road safety, stressing it’s not solely the driver’s domain.

Shared Road Responsibility

While the responsibility primarily lies with drivers to adhere to traffic regulations and ensure a safe journey, the conduct of passengers is equally important. It’s not just about being a passenger, it’s about maintaining safety awareness throughout the entire journey.

One of the paramount rules emphasised by the DGT is the mandatory use of seat belts. This rule applies to all occupants; drivers and passengers, irrespective of where they’re seated. Those found without their seat belts fastened could face a sizeable fine of €200. However, unlike drivers, passengers will not be subject to any deduction of points from their licence.

Proper Posture

Safety within the car is more than just about belts, it’s also about maintaining an appropriate posture. A posture deemed to be negligent or unsafe can result in a €100 fine. The principle here is to minimise risks in case of an accident.

Safeguarding Children

‘Safety first’ is the mantra, especially when it comes to children. In Spain, there are explicit rules surrounding the transportation of young ones. Children are expected to occupy the back seats unless certain regulatory exceptions apply.

The driver bears the primary responsibility for ensuring these rules are adhered to. Non-compliance can lead to a €200 fine and a deduction of four points from the driving licence. It’s a stringent measure, but the intent is clear: to ensure children are protected and travel securely, reducing potential injuries in the unfortunate event of an accident.

The message from the Guardia Civil and DGT is clear. Whether you’re behind the wheel or seated as a passenger, the duty to uphold road safety is collective. Remember, DGT fines for passengers are real, and ignorance isn’t bliss.


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