Deciding between single-trip, multi-trip, and group travel insurance as an expat in Spain this winter

Deciding between single-trip, multi-trip, and group travel insurance as an expat in Spain this winter Image

November 30, 2022

The festive season is exciting for great numbers of people for many reasons. However, one of those reasons – the opportunity for travel – is likely to be especially enticing for some of us in 2022, given that Europe has finally said goodbye to the widespread COVID-19 restrictions that so hobbled travel since 2020.

With that in mind, it’s understandable that you might be excitedly planning your Christmas-season travel right now, while also having overlooked a little something: travel insurance. So, allow this blog post to serve as your reminder of its importance.

Or maybe you’re well aware of the crucial protection the most suitable travel cover can provide, but you aren’t so sure which ‘type’ of policy to choose?

In that case, let’s take you through the three broad types of travel insurance that brokers like Ibex Insurance are making available this winter, and in which circumstances you might be particularly likely to consider them.

Single-trip travel insurance

This is what some might consider the ‘classic’ type of travel insurance; if you have one big trip in mind for this winter, such as to visit your friends or family in another country, taking out this type of travel cover may be the sensible move.

As the name suggests, this policy will protect you for such risks as delays to your outward or return journey, or an accident during your trip, covering just one trip. And with the maximum trip duration for this type of travel insurance as obtained through Ibex being 180 days, it might be more than enough for your needs.

Annual multi-trip travel insurance

Although – as mentioned above – the single-trip policies we make available have a permitted trip duration far exceeding the winter period, the fact remains that these plans are for single trips. If, then, you are set to embark on several trips, even if only over the winter period, you might be drawn to our annual multi-trip insurance options.

This type of cover may make particular sense if, as well as your planned winter trips, it is possible that you will be doing further extensive travel over the coming year, whether those will be holidays, business trips, or simply visits to relatives or friends in other parts of the world.

As always when you’re seeking out a travel insurance quote in Spain, it is crucial with annual multi-trip travel cover to scrutinize the specific terms of the policy, so that you know exactly what is and isn’t covered.
We draw your attention, for example, to the fact that the maximum trip duration with our Standard cover is 31 days, although it can be somewhat longer than this if you opt for Super cover.

Group travel insurance

Group travel cover is designed to address a very specific need: protection for travelling groups of five or more people. The idea is that if you will be part of a large travelling party, you will only need to purchase a single policy to cover all of you.

This, then, can be a very convenient option if you will be travelling as a family, company, school, sports club, or association, to cite just a few of the possibilities. With this cover also able to be extended to cover winter sports and other hazardous activities, as well as to include organizer’s liability, it is a type of travel insurance that can be tailored to various circumstances.

To learn more about these policy options, please don’t hesitate to browse the relevant pages of the Ibex website. As for if you wish to reach out to us for a competitive travel insurance quote in Spain, there are various ways in which you can do that, too – including visiting us at one of our brick-and-mortar offices, or requesting a quote online now.


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