Does your Spanish home insurance plan include these 5 crucial elements of cover?

Does your Spanish home insurance plan include these 5 crucial elements of cover? Image

October 07, 2022

It’s one of the first things that you are likely to pay attention to after becoming the owner of a Spanish property, and quite rightly so; making sure everything is in order as far as the insurance you have in place for the property is concerned.

Of course, if you are an expatriate from somewhere like the United Kingdom or United States, there is a slight difference to be concerned about, in that you might have never taken out a home insurance policy in Spain, and not every aspect of such policies might be familiar to you.

That’s very much something our experts in expat house insurance in Spain can assist you with. But as a “starting point” what are five elements of coverage that you should probably be especially anxious to make sure you have, when you are comparing options for home insurance in the country?

Protection against fire, lightning, flood, and similar disasters

How can you really be sure that the Spanish home you worked so hard to be able to own, won’t be affected by extremely difficult-to-foresee disasters like the aforementioned?

The short answer is that you can’t be, but home insurance obtained through Ibex could provide an invaluable layer of protection against the worst happening.

Accidental damage to home entertainment equipment

Many of us appreciate our sources of at-home escapism, and certain items sustaining accidental damage could be – at best – an immense source of frustration and inconvenience, to say nothing about the financial aspect.

It is therefore handy that such protection for home entertainment equipment is included in our policies as standard, subject to exclusions.

Protection for your personal computer (PC)

Another element of the contents cover included within a complete Ibex home insurance policy in Spain, is protection against accidental damage caused to personal computers.

As with any aspect of expat house insurance in Spain, we would always urge you to carefully read the full terms of a given policy to educate yourself on what is and isn’t covered; this particular element of coverage, for instance, relates to PCs used purely on a personal, rather than work basis.

Personal money and credit cards

It is important to note that this element of protection is in the ‘optional’ column as far as our expat house insurance in Spain is concerned, so you will need to make a point of specifying it if you do want protection for personal money and credit cards.

This is an area of coverage that will, of course, be more important to some people than to others. Nonetheless, we are committed here at Ibex Insurance Services to putting together tailored policies that cater to the most specialized needs.

The cost of alternative accommodation

In the event of your Spanish home being rendered uninhabitable for a certain period of time, you might well be extremely thankful for your house insurance policy covering the cost of living elsewhere for a while. It can be included in our highly regarded buildings insurance.

There you go – five elements of cover that you might not want to go without if you are presently searching for expat house insurance in Spain. Contact your nearest Ibex office in the country or request a quote online, and you can soon discover that when it comes to this type of insurance, we really do have it all ‘covered’, and can offer extremely competitive premiums, too.


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