Driving Licence Points

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September 12, 2023

Spain has a points-based system for driving infractions, and although in principle it is similar to the points system in the UK, it is also the exact opposite, as in Spain drivers have points which are subsequently withdrawn in the event of committing an offence, whereas in the UK, points are added to the licence.

In general, drivers start with a balance of 12 points. However, new drivers, as well as those who have their licence returned after it had been withdrawn, start with 8 points.

Over time, assuming you don't commit any offences, your points balance increases, up to a maximum of 15. If the opposite occurs, and you lose all of your points, you will no longer be able to drive as your licence will be considered withdrawn.

If you do lose your points, you can choose to take a road awareness and re-education course to recover up to a maximum of 6 points. These courses are twelve hours long and you can do it once every 2 years or every year, in the case of professional drivers.

In the case of loss of validity of your driving licence (whether judicial or administrative) in addition to taking the awareness and re-education course, to recover your licence, you must pass a theoretical test on the subject of the course taken.

Another option is, after two years without committing any infraction that entails the loss of points, the initial balance of 12 points will be recovered.

You can check your points balance at any time in the Electronic Headquarters (SEDE ELECTRÓNICA) of the DGT website, using a digital signature or Clave, and you can also consult your balance in the MiDGT app on your mobile phone.

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