First hands-free driving assist feature approved for use on some of Spain's key main roads

First hands-free driving assist feature approved for use on some of Spain's key main roads Image

October 16, 2023

Ford's system has is the first receive approval from the authorities and it can be activated on some 28,500 kilometres of Blue Zone motorways around the country.

Hands-free driving is becoming a reality in Spain with the automatic assist option being rolled out on some major roads across the country. Spain currently has 28,500 kilometres (17,709 miles) of Blue Zone motorways that owners of owners of a certain Ford model can now utilise the feature on.

Several motor manufacturers have conducted tests in real-world conditions, but generally in controlled conditions. However, for the first time "hands-free, eyes on the road" driving assist technology will be authorised for use on selected Blue Zone stretches of Spain's motorway network.

Ford is the first car manufacturer to receive the approval to introduce its BlueCruise system, making Spain the third European market in which it is available, after Germany and the UK. In the US Ford’s BlueCruise hands-free driving assist feature has been available for a couple of years now.

But now, owners of a Ford Mustang Mach-E purchased on or after 12 October this year in Spain can activate and use the advanced technology on a subscription basis. The 'hands-free, eyes on the road' driving assistant allows you to safely take your hands off the wheel and your foot off the accelerator when you are in a designated 'blue zone'.

The technology uses sensors to detect lane markings and changing traffic conditions. Based on this information, the assistant controls steering, acceleration, braking and the position of the vehicle in its own lane. Depending on speed, the technology maintains the appropriate distance from vehicles ahead, even stopping and restarting in slow-moving traffic. A camera in the dashboard monitors the driver's gaze and head position to ensure their eyes are on the road at all times.


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