Latest Driving Licence Update for Older Drivers

Latest Driving Licence Update for Older Drivers Image

March 09, 2023

Renewing our driving licence is something we all must do, and thankfully we don’t have to carry out a full re-test, but there is a medical test to ensure we are fit enough to drive. The result of which determines if any restrictions should be implemented. This is the case whatever our age, the only difference is that the older we get, the more frequently we must get checked, and it's this part which is changing for older drivers.

The DGT has persistently stated that mobility is important, whatever our age is, so they have no intention to withdraw that luxury, but driving has to be done in the safest way possible.

At the moment, we are all obliged to carry out the psychotechnical examination every 10 years until the age of 65, at which time we must begin to renew every 5 years. Both those timeframes can be reduced if the doctor feels it necessary.

However, from now on, people who are over 70 years old will see an increase in the frequency with which they must renew this permit with the aim of ‘ensuring that the ability to drive remains intact’.

Therefore, those over 65 must renew their driving license every 5 years and, from the age of 70, every two years. Although, like now, it is at the discretion of those responsible for carrying out the psychotechnical test, who can force an annual examination, if appropriate.

A change that is supported by the deputy director of Road Education and Training, María José Aparicio, who affirms that although those over 65 only represent 10% of drivers, one in three fatalities in traffic incidents in the European Union are in this age group. Likewise, in the case of Spain, the percentage rises to 28%.


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