The new vehicles you will be able to drive with the B licence in Spain

The new vehicles you will be able to drive with the B licence in Spain Image

April 30, 2024

The European Parliament has approved a measure that will allow car licence holders to drive motorhomes and electrically powered cars weighing up to 4,250 kg, once a two-year qualifying period has passed.

Currently, the category B driving licence, in other words a car licence, is the most popular permit among Spanish drivers. This category allows us, as a general rule, to drive conventional passenger cars, mopeds, and some motorcycles, and certain other vehicles with certain characteristics are also included.

In general terms, the category B licence currently allows the holder to drive automobiles whose maximum authorised mass does not exceed 3,500 kg that are designed and built for the transport of no more than 8 passengers in addition to the driver.

However, the number of vehicles that can be driven with this licence is expected to increase when the regulations approved by the European Parliament come into force.

The proposal of this parliamentary institution allows vehicles weighing up to 4,250 kg to be driven with a B licence, as long as they are motorhomes or electric cars. This is because the weight of batteries is increasing and is causing complications for regulations, especially in electrically powered cars.

Two years seniority

To solve the problem, on March 1, 2023, the European Commission published a legislative proposal that sought to change the regulations and expand the weight limit for the future. Now, a year later, the rule has been approved by the European Parliament and is waiting to come into force. However, in order to be able to drive these heavy vehicles you must have had a licence for two years.

“By increasing the maximum mass of most Category B zero-emission vehicles, the proposal will facilitate the adoption of such vehicles, thus contributing to the objectives of the European Climate Law and the zero-pollution ambition of the European Green Deal to have an environment free of harmful pollution by 2050,” the Commission explains.

Additionally, the weight increase for motorhomes will apply regardless of the propulsion system you have. That is, the category B driving licence will now also allow you to drive motorhomes with diesel or petrol engines, with a maximum weight of 4.25 tons.

What other vehicles can be driven?

In addition to the recently added ones, the B licence allows you to ride motorised tricycles and quadricycles, as well as mopeds. Driving 125 cubic centimetre motorcycles is also included as long as the licence has been valid for three years and a special course that has not yet come into force has been passed.

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