The optimal pet insurance policy in Spain will give you one less thing to worry about

The optimal pet insurance policy in Spain will give you one less thing to worry about Image

February 08, 2022

Most of us would consider our pets to be beloved members of the family. So, it might seem strange in some ways that so many people in Spain don’t take one of the most important and powerful steps they could possibly take to help protect that member of the family: buying a pet insurance policy.

There is, however, at least one very understandable reason why a lot of expatriates don’t purchase a pet insurance policy in Spain: the language barrier. You may have feared putting yourself in a position where you end up buying a policy that does not cater to your full range of needs as a pet owner, due to simply misunderstanding the terms of the policy.

This obviously isn’t a great situation to be in, given that you will want to be able to depend on the pet insurance policy you have purchased if the worst does happen. So, how can we help those living in Spain to ensure they really do buy pet insurance that gives them all the coverage they require, at the right price?

Our English-speaking service couldn’t be easier to take advantage of

Whether you already have an idea in mind of what you wish the pet insurance you purchase to cover, or you really are completely unsure about where to start, our team at Ibex Insurance Services can make the whole process so straightforward.

You might decide to pop into your nearest Ibex brick-and-mortar office, for example, to speak face-to-face with an actual human being, in plain and easy-to-understand English. Or you could just go ahead and immediately request a quote online for a pet insurance policy in Spain.

Regardless, you can look forward to having various aspects of pet insurance – whatever you want to ask about, in fact – explained to you in a way that you understand. Just make sure you check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page first, to make sure the question on your lips hasn’t already been answered!

Every element of coverage you could want for you and your pet

Whether you are looking to cover a cat or a dog – and we cater to both here at Ibex – you can be confident of us being able to cover you for all the essentials, and perhaps a few extras.

We offer Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of cover, and while they all differ in terms of exactly how much cover they offer, they have a lot of areas of coverage in common, such as boarding fees, death from accident, and loss from theft or straying. All three pet insurance levels also provide at least some coverage for vets’ fees and the reimbursement of advertising costs.

If, however, you wish to have overseas travel cover included in your pet insurance policy in Spain, you will need to choose a Silver or Gold policy. As for cover for the loss of a pet passport and health certificate, this is only available on the Gold plan.

Put your mind at rest – get in touch with our experts today

No one wants to ever find themselves in that situation where their dear pet requires veterinary treatment, but they struggle to find the funds to pay for it. This is what the optimal pet insurance policy in Spain should be there for – and we can help ensure the policy you purchase really does cover the bases you need it to cover, for the right price.

Simply ask for your quote online today to get your relationship started with Ibex – and give yourself one less thing to worry about.

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