Urban Mobility Survey Reveals Safety Equipment Use

Urban Mobility Survey Reveals Safety Equipment Use Image

May 14, 2024

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) published an observational study on the use of safety equipment by vulnerable road users when they travel around the city by bicycle, personal mobility vehicle (VMP), moped or motorcycle.

The work has been carried out in all provincial capitals during the past year and 32,872 observations have been made of users of these types of vehicles.

Bicycle Users

7,718 bicycle users have been observed, of which 6,784 were drivers and 934 passengers.

Regarding the use of helmets by the cyclists observed, less than half (41.4%) of bicycle drivers used this safety device while riding in cities.

It must be remembered that its use is mandatory in the city for those under 16 years of age and recommended for those over 16. In the case of passengers, the use of helmets barely exceeded ten percent (10.5%).

Cyclists show a low adoption of the use of reflective vests, an important garment to improve their visibility on public roads. Only 22% of cyclists used them during the night sections, being more common among men (23.6%) than among women (13.5%).

Personal Mobility Vehicles (VMP)

Regarding the VMP users analysed, the study was carried out on 5,146 users, of which 4,838 were drivers and 308 passengers included in the observation, despite the fact that traffic regulations expressly establish that they are single-person-use vehicles and therefore circulation is prohibited if more than one person is on said vehicle.

At a general level, it is observed that 49% of all VMP users used helmets, with a significant difference between drivers (49.3%) and passengers (16.3%). Likewise, a greater use of helmets is observed among female drivers (53.2%) compared to male drivers (47.7%).

Regarding the use of the reflective vest, 21.9% of the observed users used a reflective vest during the nighttime sections.


In the case of motorcycle and moped users, 20,008 users were observed, of which 16,178 were drivers and 3,830 passengers.

Almost all drivers (99.11%) and a smaller percentage of passengers (61.36%) used helmets.

The use of gloves shows variability within the observed sample, being more common among men (58.8%) than among women (49.1%).


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