Whatever you use to get around, we can cover motorcycles, scooters and quads in Spain

Whatever you use to get around, we can cover motorcycles, scooters and quads in Spain Image

April 27, 2022

If you were to compare and rank all the countries in Europe with regard to how rewarding they are as places to go motorcycling, Spain would surely figure highly in your considerations.

So, it hardly surprises us here at Ibex that we receive a lot of contact from people seeking out a motorbike insurance provider in Spain. Whether you are an English-speaking expatriate who might have only recently set up home here, or someone who has always lived in this part of southwestern Europe, the chances are that you will be wanting to get on your bike here frequently.

That will surely be all the more the case over the summer, when the huge variety of motorcycling roads and picturesque scenery might seem to beckon you even more strongly.

Just how far-reaching can our motorbike cover in Spain be?

Our acknowledgement of the fact that people in Spain use all manner of forms of transport, has led us to also assemble insurance solutions that are well-matched to the greatly varying options for getting around the country on two wheels.

You might have a UK or Spanish-registered motorcycle in Spain, or you may be seeking out comprehensive or third-party-only cover for your scooter. Or – looking beyond just the two wheels – perhaps you have a quad and you are concerned that you aren’t adequately protected in the event of suffering an accident on it?

Whatever – we can cater to all these possibilities as a motorbike insurance provider in Spain. For you, that might mean taking out the third-party-only cover that will give you all-important protection in relation to legal defense, legal liability for damage caused to third-party property, and legal liability for death or injury to any other person, such as a passenger.

Or – of course – you could go further, taking out the comprehensive motorcycle insurance that would cover you for fire, theft, the medical expenses of anyone injured on your bike, new vehicle replacement, own damage (excluding glass), and much more.

The complete insurance provider you can rely on

As one glance at our website should confirm, we are not just a provider of motorcycle insurance – we give people across the Iberian Peninsula the benefit of various forms of crucial cover for their homes, cars, health, and even businesses, too.

Right across our range of insurance plans and services, though, customers can expect from us the same commitment to a plain-speaking service delivered entirely in the English language, and a high level of responsiveness to the specific needs of both expat and non-expat policyholders.

Nor do you have to communicate with us purely through the online space, as we also have local offices dotted along Spain’s southern coast. This gives you the chance to talk through your needs from a motorbike insurance policy face-to-face with our office-based staff.

Alternatively, simply request your motorcycle insurance quote online! It could hardly be quicker or easier – and the sooner you have the right cover sorted out, the sooner you will be able to take to the open road.

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