Why should you get your windscreen repaired?

Why should you get your windscreen repaired? Image

July 08, 2024

Repair rather than replace

It is vital to make our drivers aware of the importance of going to a specialised technician if they detect an impact on the windscreen, since the sooner it is repaired, the better the optical result will be.

With windscreen repair, it's all about the benefits.



• The repair avoids having to manipulate the vehicle body.
• With our exclusive process and our trained specialists, the repair time at Carglass®, by appointment, is only 30 minutes.


• 90% of the information we receive while driving comes to us through the windscreen and the rest of the vehicle's windows. According to several studies, poor in-vehicle visibility is the cause of more than 15% of traffic accidents.
• An impact on the windscreen can turn into an irreparable breakage at any time.
• The repair is a definitive solution that restores windscreen’ strength and ensures that it contributes up to 30% of the vehicle's structural strength.


• Windscreen repair generates almost 10 times less waste than replacement.
• Repairing the windscreen instead of replacing it reduces carbon emissions by at least 80%*.

* Analysis of the carbon footprint of the 2023 product of Scope 1 (Direct), Scope 2 (Indirect) and Scope 3 (indirect) emissions. The calculation methodology is consistent with the requirements of ISO 14067. The global average figure is calculated using data representative of Belron® Group operations in the USA, France, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand.

Environment and sustainability

Although Carglass® recycles 100% of the windscreens replaced, a repair service avoids the time-consuming and costly process of recycling laminated glass. The production of a windscreen requires the exploitation of more raw materials and natural resources than a repair service.

Optimal repair

Optimal impact repair will restore your windscreen to its full strength.The resin used at Carglass®, GlassMedic HPX4® provides an optimal result. The resin HPX4® is the most resistant and durable on the market: it improves polishing response, does not yellow over time, and shortens drying times thanks to its high performance.

When is an impact repairable?

The location of the impact on the windscreen and its size are key factors in achieving an optimal repair.

For an impact to be repairable it must not be larger than a 2€ coin, and it cannot be in:

1. The driver's view angle
2. Less than 2.5cms. from the windscreen perimeter

Carglass® Warranty

Carglass® guarantees for life the technical correctness of all its work and the optical satisfaction of the repair service for three months.


Please contact your local Ibex office to sort out an appointment at your convenience. We have access to the Carglass platform and can arrange appointments for our clients.


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