Windscreen Damage Must Be Repaired Immediately

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June 11, 2024

If we rollback to the first automobiles to take to the street, comparing those cars to what we have today, they are almost incomparable. One of the biggest improvements has been the structural integrity that provides a safer environment, but there are still weak spots, and one of those weak spots are a necessity because they are required to allow us to see, the windows.

Although glass technology has also improved tremendously, and vehicle windows are also considerably safer than ever, they are still prone to impacts leading to chips and cracks, both of which can become a bigger problem, and weaken the integrity.

On such impact damage leaves a star-shaped mark on the glass, also known as 'chinazo'. If not repaired, this impact can range from a few millimetres to completely breaking the windscreen. Factors such as sudden changes in temperature or potholes can cause the glass to break sooner. For this reason, at the slightest sign of damage, it is advisable to go to a specialist workshop.

Workshops specialised in the repair - or replacement - of windscreens usually carry out this type of work in an average duration of about 30 minutes and the price of a repair is relatively cheap, compared to a replacement. It is important however to take the advice of the professionals as to the best course of action. Some insurance policies cover.

The front windscreen is the only glass surface of the vehicle that can be repaired. In Spain, the General Traffic Regulations (RGC) establish that a windscreen must be repaired if the impact meets the following requirements:

• The diameter of the break is not greater than 2.5 cm

• Is not in the driver's viewing angle

• If there are no more than three different impacts

• If the crack is more than 2.5 cm from the edge of the glass

In addition, article 19 of the RGC states that “the glass surface of the vehicle must allow, in all cases, clear visibility for the driver on the road on which it is traveling.”

Article 18 refers to the driver having to “maintain the necessary field of vision.” In this way, having a windshield in poor condition can lead to a fine of up to 200 euro. In the worst case, the vehicle may become immobilised as it poses a serious road safety risk for its occupants and other road users. It must be clarified that even the slightest damage - impact, mark or crack - can be subject to a fine.

Source:- N332

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