3 reasons why Ibex Insurance should be your first port of call for boat insurance in Portugal

3 reasons why Ibex Insurance should be your first port of call for boat insurance in Portugal Image

March 13, 2024

Having the freedom to take to the seas in your vessel of choice is arguably one of the most satisfying things about life in this glorious part of the Iberian Peninsula.

However, we also recognize here at Ibex Insurance that boat ownership – even in such sunny and picturesque surroundings – can be stressful, especially if you’re struggling to obtain the right boat insurance cover in Portugal for your specific craft.

So, we thought we’d put the spotlight on just three reasons why we should be your choice of broker when you are on the lookout for Portuguese marine insurance.

We can provide comprehensive cover for many different types of boat

We can provide an impressive variety of insurance plans for many different types of vessels. After all, we have the passion for, and attention to detail in the field of boat insurance that many other brokers lack. This broad-based commitment applies to vessels powered by motor and sail, encompassing the likes of speedboats, superyachts, and (almost) everything in-between.

We protect you in a huge range of ways, across both standard policies and optional cover

You might be in the market for “just” third-party cover – in which case, we will be pleased to give you the benefit of legal liability cover.

However, we can also arrange formidably comprehensive boat insurance cover in Portugal that extensively protects the vessel itself – for example, in relation to accident, theft, vandalism, fire, and other risks.

We can also make sure the policy you request from us incorporates personal accident cover, so that you will be covered for bodily injuries caused by an accident on board the craft.

That’s before we even get onto the subject of in-demand optional areas of coverage, such as for personal effects, transit risks, high speed, machinery damage, chartering, and many more situations and risks.

We are brokers rather than insurers

We maintain relationships with a broad range of underwriters in our network, and we do mean “broad range”, with these underwriters varying in terms of their exact areas of specialization.

Whether you ask for a quote online or visit one of our offices in Portugal in person, you can depend on our team providing you with the best-suited boat cover for your circumstances. This will save you from having to approach a long list of marine insurers individually.

Choose Ibex Insurance, then, and you can count on “plain sailing” when it comes to this crucial aspect of the boat ownership experience in Portugal!


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