3 things to bear in mind if you’re an expat looking to move your pet to Portugal

3 things to bear in mind if you’re an expat looking to move your pet to Portugal Image

March 20, 2023

Whether you have been a Portugal-based expatriate for a while, or you are only just in the process of relocating to the country, you might be concerned about some of the processes and implications involved in attempting to bring your dog or cat to this part of the world.

Well, let us dispel one potential concern straight away: Portugal is absolutely a pet-friendly country! In fact, most people in the country have pets, and since 2017, domestic animals in Portugal have had legal status as sensitive living beings. It is also against the law in Portugal to refuse a clean, rabies-free animal entry onto public transport.

Still, if you intend to bring your own four-legged furry friend to this area of southwestern Europe, it will be handy for you to know more information. So, here are just three of the many things you ought to account for.

The documents and requirements for pet travel to Portugal

The exact requirements that apply to bringing a pet to Portugal will vary depending on where you are bringing them from, and of course, they are liable to change over time anyway. So, you will need to look up the rules that specifically apply to you at the time of reading this article.

At the time of us typing this, however, those wishing to bring their pet to Portugal were required by the authorities to obtain a pet passport, issued through their vet. It will also be necessary for your pet to be vaccinated against rabies with the one, two, or three-year vaccine.

Whether your pet is in good health to travel

Naturally, this is a conversation to be had between you and your vet. You should also know well in advance of the trip where your pet will be during the trip; they might need to travel in the hold, instead of being with you in the cabin.

The crate that you keep your pet in must also be suitable for the transportation of animals, and if the airline allows this, you should include a bowl of water inside the crate to help keep your pet hydrated while on the journey.

The insurance that would suit their – and your – needs

According to our own estimates here at Ibex Insurance, fewer than 10% of the cats and dogs in Portugal and Spain are actually insured. This surprises us, given that pet insurance is relatively affordable compared to how much vet bills can accumulate in the event of a pet falling ill or sustaining an injury that requires treatment.

It’s also important to emphasize that various levels of pet cover are available. We make available three such ‘levels’ – Bronze, Silver, and Gold – which should help you to find the ideally suited policy for both your pet’s health and the depth of your pocket, when you turn to us to get a quote for pet insurance in Portugal.

With elements of coverage able to be obtained through us encompassing all the essentials like boarding fees, protection for death from accident, overseas travel cover, vets’ fees, and more, we take pride in the comprehensiveness of our dog and cat cover. And you can buy online in the comfort of your own home right now, or pay us a visit at your nearest Ibex Insurance office for a face-to-face conversation about your needs.

We’ll work with you to help ensure you get to thoroughly enjoy your life in Portugal, instead of having to spend time worrying about how you will protect and pay for treatment for your pet.

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