3 ways for expats in Portugal to save money on travel insurance in 2023

3 ways for expats in Portugal to save money on travel insurance in 2023 Image

February 23, 2023

Hopefully, 2023 will be a year that is full of positive experiences for you – but there’s no doubt that great numbers of us have been feeling the pinch lately. It hasn’t always been easy for a lot of people to make ends meet over the last few years, which might have led you to not purchase certain things you considered to be mere ‘luxuries’, rather than ‘essential’.

If this describes you, and you have considered travel insurance to be a ‘luxury’ on the basis that you probably won’t need to make a claim on it, we would urge you to think again.

The fact is, yes, for most of your trips beyond Portugal as an expatriate here, you probably won’t find yourself in a situation where claiming on your travel insurance policy is necessary. But if the worst does occur – for example, someone in your travelling party being injured or ill, or a serious delay occurring with your outward or return journey – the financial hit could be very hefty indeed.

That financial hit is likely to feel all the worse at a time when you might be ‘only just managing’ to keep on top of your month-by-month financial commitments. So, to help ensure money worries don’t cause you to skip purchasing expat travel insurance in Portugal, here are some great ways to reduce the cost of it.

Choose a slightly lower level of cover than you first envisaged

Isn’t this advice slightly contradicting what we said above, about the importance of protecting yourself? Well, what we’re really talking about here, is that even the most all-encompassing travel insurance policy can’t cover you against every single risk that could possibly arise. So, you might be forced to weigh up your need for certain protections, against the depth of your pockets.

The fact is, with travel cover, it’s almost always better to have at least some protection, than none at all. And if you can take your own steps to minimize the chances of anything adverse happening on your trip – for example, refraining from ‘risky’ activities that could cause injury, or even simply making your trip less ambitious in terms of how far you travel – you might be able to justify opting for a lower level of travel cover than you might have originally expected you would need.

Here at Ibex Insurance, we make available Standard, Super, and Super Plus levels of travel cover, to help ensure there is an option to suit every budget.

Purchase an annual multi-trip policy, if you expect to travel multiple times in 2023

You might already anticipate taking several holidays this year, or there may be a strong chance of you having to embark on quite a few business trips during 2023. If this sounds like your situation, it can be well worth taking a look at our annual multi-trip travel insurance policies.

As the term ‘annual multi-trip’ suggests, this type of expat travel insurance in Portugal is designed to protect the policyholder for more than one trip within the space of a year. This can help save money compared to buying separate single-trip policies throughout the year, and will also simply save you the hassle of having to remember to buy travel insurance every time you travel.

Get group travel cover if there will be five or more of you on the trip

Organized groups – such as those travelling as part of a sports club, company, or school – can make life easier for them, and save money, by purchasing a single policy that covers everyone on the trip.

If your group intends to partake in potentially hazardous activities such as winter sports while you are away, the policy that we assemble for you can naturally include cover for this. If, on the other hand, no one in your group is likely to be involved in such risky activities, this could help lower the cost of your travel cover.

When it comes to all manner of forms of expat travel insurance in Portugal, there’s no need for you to look past Ibex. You can talk to us in person about your needs at your nearest Ibex brick-and-mortar office, or even simply purchase a plan online; regardless, you will be able to expect the same professional, friendly, and responsive service, geared towards your needs.


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