5 things that make us a leading broker for Portuguese holiday apartment cover

5 things that make us a leading broker for Portuguese holiday apartment cover Image

August 26, 2019

Portugal has long shown a warm welcome to newcomers and expatriates of all kinds, so it should hardly surprise anyone that it is a holiday-apartment hotspot – even before one considers the Mediterranean climate and stunning natural landscapes that can also be enjoyed here.

This doesn’t necessarily make it an easy task, however, to purchase holiday home insurance that actually caters to all of your needs and gives you protection when you most urgently require it.

So, here are just some of the features of our own service as home insurance brokers in Portugal, that you might not see being offered by many of our rivals.

A fully English-speaking service

One of the worst things that could happen when you are purchasing holiday apartment insurance in Portugal, is a misunderstanding of exactly what the policy you are buying actually gives you. Moreover, it’s just one of the ways in which a language barrier could be detrimental to your efforts to thoroughly protect your treasured holiday home.

That’s why we take such pride in every contact and dialogue that you have with us being conducted in the English language.

Offices where you can talk to us in person

We are far from a faceless Internet entity here at Ibex Insurance Services!

We have two offices in the Algarve, in fact, which you are welcome to drop into if you have any queries about holiday apartment cover from us, whether or not you have already purchased a policy.

Genuinely all-encompassing basic cover...

We don’t hide all of the cover that you might actually need for your holiday apartment on the optional extras list.

Whether it’s fire, lightning, flood, the accidental damage of glass and mirrors while your apartment is occupied, or something very different that you are most anxious to protect your property against, we give you strong and great-value foundations when you select us as your home insurance brokers in Portugal.

...and golf equipment covered as an extra

Yes, for only an additional €50, you can have your golf equipment also covered to make teeing off as an expatriate in Portugal even more rewarding.

A fast and easy quote request process

Are you ready to ask for a quote from us right now? If so, you can do so online in just a few minutes.

Alternatively, you’re welcome to call or even visit your local Ibex office for a more in-depth discussion, in the event that you need to clarify or tweak anything before signing on the proverbial dotted line.

Even the finest details can make a big difference when you’re attempting to decide on the right home insurance brokers in Portugal – as we keenly appreciate here at Ibex. Don’t, then, accept anything less than one of the longest-established leaders in the expatriate insurance market for the protection of your own holiday home!

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