An overview of our acclaimed travel, bike and health insurance products

An overview of our acclaimed travel, bike and health insurance products Image

June 24, 2016

Ibex Insurance Services has long established a reputation as one of the most trustworthy, flexible and economical insurance brokers in all of Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar.

We pride ourselves on our ability to give people the best possible policy for their money, as well as on our vast range of cover suitable for most circumstances and requirements.

You’ll be raring to go with our travel insurance

Our comprehensive travel insurance in Spain is one of our most popular products. It is well-suited to the large proportion of our customer base who are expatriates, and who often travel back to their country of origin to visit loved ones.

As with almost anything in life, it’s better to be safe rather than sorry when travelling. We believe investing in a comprehensive and well-tailored insurance policy like ours is essential when set againts the risk of becoming delayed, injured or involved in an accident without any form of cover.

With Ibex Insurance Services, you can choose between two levels of cover – Ibex Standard and Ibex Super – depending on your budget and other needs.

Truly industry-leading motorbike insurance

No one should have to leave their beloved bike behind when moving to another country, which is just one more reason why our motorbike insurance is such a wise investment to make.

We offer two types of motorbike cover – Comprehensive and Third Party only - that are tailored to different needs. For example, Comprehensive covers everything from fire and theft to replacement locks, while Third Party Only is just that.

With a choice of flexible payment options and instant cover available should you need it, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to ride off into the sunset without a worry in the world.

We also offer highly comprehensive health cover

Health insurance is one of the most vital investments you can make, regardless of where you live and your state of health.

Such cover from Ibex Insurance Services ensures that, should you require medical care, you are cared for quickly, comfortably and with a greater choice about where and when you receive treatment – all of which will ease your worries about becoming unwell in a country that may have a different medical system to that with which you are familiar.

A wide array of health insurance plans is available to suit all requirements, and like all of our other policies, there are flexible payment options on offer. To find out more about these policies, simply contact one of the Ibex Insurance Services team today.

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