Here's how to correctly use a roundabout in Spain

Here's how to correctly use a roundabout in Spain Image

October 31, 2014

It's one thing to secure the right coverage for your automobile from an appropriate car insurance provider in Spain like Ibex Insurance Services, but it's another thing to know how to drive your car, van or 4x4 that has been registered in this part of the world.

Certainly, it will be necessary to swot up on the rules of the road that apply in Spain, and there can hardly be a more important aspect than knowing how to navigate a local roundabout. Although there is a general rule of priority to the right on Spanish roads, a roundabout is one type of intersection where those already driving inside it are favoured. By keeping yourself well-versed with the rules, drivers can ensure the safety and fluid circulation of both their and other people's vehicles. Whatever the exact design of roundabout - and they do vary hugely in Spain - the same principles apply of giving way to drivers already inside it and choosing the most convenient lane in accordance with the desired point of exit.

Cars that are already driving on a roundabout lane always have right of way over a car that is trying to access that lane. It is also extremely important for drivers looking to exit the roundabout to move to the outer lane in good time. If the driver is unable to move to the outer lane, they will need to drive around the roundabout again so that they can safely take the proper lane well in advance. Circulation around a roundabout also always takes place anti-clockwise.  

It is also vital for those driving in Spain to know how to access a roundabout. Indicating to the right is compulsory for those looking to access a roundabout, although it is not always recommended to indicate if the next exit is very close, given the risk of giving other drivers the incorrect impression that you are set to take the next exit. Indicating left should not be done by those still circumnavigating the roundabout - that should instead be saved for changing lanes and indicating to the right to show the exit that you intend to take.  

The Spanish documentation on Dirección General de Tráfico provides more information on the appropriate use of roundabouts in the country.

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