How to prevent keyless car theft and keep your car safe

How to prevent keyless car theft and keep your car safe Image

September 28, 2023

The number of stolen and broken into vehicles in Portugal is approximately 131,000 (17,000 were stolen and 113,000 were broken into).  

Keyless car theft essentially involves someone stealing the signal from your car's key fob, and using it to open the vehicle without the fob being physically present.

In order for your keyless fob to open your vehicle, the car and fob both share a unique signal that recognise each other.

The problem with this is that the signal can be captured by someone standing just a few meters away, who can then transmit the signal to someone else standing next to the car. As a result, this allows them to gain access to your car without the alarm sounding.

How can I protect against keyless car theft?

• Keep your keys away from your car as it will make it harder for thieves to detect and amplify your key signal.

• Store your keys in a metal container or a signal-blocking wallet to block key signal.

• Always check that your car is locked.

• Invest in a steering wheel lock - these provide a visual form of protection, as well as adding extra time to how long it will take for someone to steal your car.

• Physical measures could include blocking your car in with a second card that does not have keyless entry if you are a two car household, or fitting a lockable post to your driveway. Other physical measures include wheel clamps or pedal boxes.

• Add a tracking device - this will not stop your car being stolen, but it will increase the chance of the police locating the vehicle.

• Ask your car dealer if there have been any software updates that can help secure your vehicle against keyless car theft.

• Look into turning your car’s keyless entry off.

It's worth investigating how, as a car owner, you can take steps to prevent your car from being stolen.


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