Stay safe and healthy with our private expat health insurance

Stay safe and healthy with our private expat health insurance Image

December 30, 2016

Living in a new country after spending most of your life in the UK can be daunting enough without having to worry about your wellbeing. You may be confused about the health care systems of different countries, or perhaps you’re worried that you won’t qualify because of where you were born.

Well, we would advise you to put those fears to rest, because Ibex Insurance is dedicated to finding you bespoke health insurance that will keep you protected against health problems you may encounter, in Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar.

We offer comprehensive cover

We work with trusted insurance providers that have been providing protection and peace of mind to their customers for decades. This enables us to offer you a huge range of different health insurance policies to suit your needs.

Our bespoke policies cover a plethora of medical conditions and many cover dental work too. We can also offer a health insurance policy that covers pregnant women and also provides coverage for the costs of a hospital stay during childbirth.

All our health insurance providers offer different levels of cover in a bespoke package, which means you can add coverage for certain areas or opt out of coverage that you feel you won’t need.

We specialise in providing expats with insurance in Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar, but some of our standard and comprehensive plans offer worldwide coverage to help make ourselves as indispensable and inclusive as possible.

Don’t put yourself at risk

There’s nothing complicated about our policies. We’ll work with you to identify your needs and then provide you with the policy to suit you.

For more information about our policies and to receive a quote from us, you can get in touch via one of our four phone numbers. We have offices in Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar and the UK.

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