These features of our Portuguese holiday-home insurance could give you invaluable peace of mind

These features of our Portuguese holiday-home insurance could give you invaluable peace of mind Image

June 27, 2023

There’s a lot to love about life as a holiday-home owner in Portugal, with areas like the Algarve serving up stunning sea, sunshine, coastline, and things to see and do. But of course, if you have already committed to purchasing a property in this delightful part of Europe, you will already be well aware of those charms.

What you might not be so familiar with, however, is the full wealth of features and conveniences that the optimal Portuguese holiday-home insurance could bring you.

So, in our position as trusted home insurance brokers in Portugal, we thought we’d use our latest blog post to put the spotlight on some of the perks our policies can offer. They include:

Protection for both the building and its contents

Ensuring the right protection is in place for both of these elements can be quite important to owners of holiday homes in Portugal, given that they might spend many months of the year living considerable distances away from their properties.
We can help make sure the fabric of your holiday home, as well as what you might leave behind inside during your times away, are suitably protected.

Examples of the structure and fittings that can be covered by the buildings cover element of your policy, include toilets, baths, and fitted kitchens. Contents cover, meanwhile, typically protects the likes of furniture, electrical appliances, kitchen equipment, and food and drink.

Liability to domestic employees and the public

You might rightly feel that you are taking the greatest possible care to minimize any risks that your Portuguese holiday home may present to others. However, you can’t guarantee that circumstances won’t arise whereby compensation claims might be brought against you.

So, having liability cover in place to cover the cost of compensation to a third party for personal injury could give you considerable peace of mind.

Sure enough, liability cover for domestic employees is included as standard in our Portuguese holiday-home insurance.

Cover for your golfing essentials

Although golf cover is optional for those arranging holiday-home insurance in Portugal through Ibex Insurance, it might feel very far from “optional” if you are a keen golfer in this sun-drenched part of southwestern Europe.

So, you may be very pleased to be able to take advantage of golf cover that protects your golf equipment, golf apparel, and even golfing trophies.

This part of our holiday-home insurance can even cover the cost of hiring replacement golf equipment following a loss while you are overseas, and reimbursement of golf-club subscriptions or pre-paid golf fees if an accident occurs during play.

Naturally, the above is just a sample of the protections and features you could benefit from when you place your trust in our home insurance brokers in Portugal at Ibex Insurance. You can learn more about what such a policy could include by visiting one of our brick-and-mortar offices, giving us a call, or even completing and submitting our straightforward quote request form today.

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