Travel cover can prove an invaluable investment during a Spanish holiday

Travel cover can prove an invaluable investment during a Spanish holiday Image

October 18, 2019

Given the perception that many of us have of Spain as the perennial peak-summer package-holiday destination, it can be easy to overlook its high level of appeal even as a place to explore during the winter. Of course, if you are an expatriate living in Spain, we’re sure you’ll appreciate this – but it does also mean the need for travel insurance is not necessarily just a spring or summer thing.


After all, the common risks that travel cover is designed to protect the policyholder against – such as serious delays to one’s outward or return journey, or an accident or injury suffered during the trip – are not issues that only confront summer holidaymakers.


So, what should you be looking for when you are comparing policies for holiday insurance in Spain?

Are all of the likely risks truly covered?

There’s a lot that can go wrong during a holiday in any corner of Spain, even if your planning is inch-perfect. You can never absolutely guarantee, for instance, that you or any other member of your travelling party won’t fall ill or sustain an injury during the trip. If this did happen to you, would you be able to absorb the financial consequences of being forced to cancel or curtail your break?


Think, too, about how you would deal with your baggage being lost or delayed, or your passport or cash being lost or stolen. These incidents can be financially taxing enough if they happen to you, and that’s without us even considering what could happen if you were to cause an accident or injury to someone else during your break. Quite frankly, you would be grateful in such a situation for having purchased holiday insurance in Spain that covers you for legal expenses and legal liability.


Cast your eye over the full summary of travel cover available through us, and you’ll get a sense of just how thoroughly we can help to protect you against almost any conceivable adverse event during your time away.


Don’t take the risk, when you simply don’t need to!


Remember that the risks that make travel insurance necessary for so many of us in the first place often don’t decrease during the winter months – indeed, in some cases, they may heighten.


That’s why you may find it such a good idea to get in touch with the Ibex Insurance Services team today – whether by email, phone or visiting us in person at one of our local offices – to arrange the holiday insurance in Spain that makes as much sense for your pocket as it does for the practical requirements you may have while travelling.


Oh, and you can also simply purchase instantly online. In short, it really couldn’t be much easier to get yourself protected! 

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