We have the perfect expat insurance cover for your four-legged friend

We have the perfect expat insurance cover for your four-legged friend Image

October 27, 2017

Moving to another country can be an overwhelming and scary enough experience – what with the various language and cultural barriers that you may face – without having to worry about the wellbeing of your pet as well.

After all, your beloved cat or dog may well require veterinary treatment at some point in the coming year, as it is estimated that about a third of pets will. It means you will want to be assured that there will no problems ensuring your four-legged pal receives the care they deserve.

So, what are your options for pet insurance from us?

Ibex Insurance Services is a widely known and trusted name for all manner of expat insurance in Spain and Portugal, ranging from home, car and motorbike to health, travel and marine cover. It therefore shouldn’t be a great surprise that we give you such a wealth of options for pet insurance if you are a resident of either of these countries.

There are three levels of cover from which you can choose – Bronze, Silver and Gold – so you can be assured of there being an option available that suits both your pet’s needs and your pocket.

Even the most basic Bronze option gives you cover of up to €300 for boarding fees, accidental death and loss from theft or straying. Our entry-level pet insurance also gives you up to €700 reimbursement of advertising costs and covers as much as €2,000 in vet fees.

Opt for the Silver plan, and you’ll naturally benefit from even stronger cover, including protection against death from accident and loss from theft or straying of up to €500. You’ll also get a higher ceiling for both vet fees and reimbursement of advertising costs, as well as 30 days’ overseas travel cover.

Or go for our very highest level of pet cover

We know that you will almost certainly regard your pet as a very special member of the family indeed, so why don’t they deserve the very best insurance available? That’s exactly what we can provide here at Ibex.

Specifying our Gold policy, in fact, means a whopping €1,200 in boarding fee cover, together with up to €700 for loss from theft or straying or accidental death. You’ll also get 90-day overseas travel cover, and how does €500 of coverage for the loss of your pet’s passport or health certificate sound?

We’re sure you’ll struggle to find a more complete expat dog or cat insurance plan on offer from any other broker.

We should be your only choice for cat or dog insurance

At Ibex, we want you to get the very greatest enjoyment out of your time living in Portugal or Spain, not to spend time fretting over the health of your pet and how you will pay for their care.

Get in touch with our friendly and professional team right now to request a competitive quote, and let’s quickly give you that all-important peace of mind. 

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