What factors will guide you towards the right Portuguese motor insurance policy?

What factors will guide you towards the right Portuguese motor insurance policy? Image

October 12, 2023

On paper, it should be a relatively quick and easy task if you live and work in Portugal: arranging an insurance policy for your car, so that you can be suitably protected when behind the wheel in this immensely rewarding and sun-soaked part of the Iberian Peninsula.

But of course, the reality isn’t necessarily so. For many expatriates, there can be fears about the language barrier preventing them from fully understanding a car insurance product they are considering. Or, of course, there might be other aspects of motor insurance in this southwestern European country that causes them confusion.

This helps to explain why, here at Ibex Insurance, we put a particular emphasis on expatriates in our capacity as motor insurance brokers in Portugal. Indeed, we are expats ourselves, so we can absolutely understand common worries like those stated above. We provide an entirely English-speaking service, with the option of speaking to us in person if you wish, at our Portuguese offices in Almancil and Tavira.

But even if you are confident in the Portuguese motor insurance broker you have chosen, you might still appreciate some help with the task of narrowing down your options. So, we have done precisely this below, setting out a few things that might guide you towards the most suitable policy.

• Whether the policy will actually cover your specific vehicle

If there’s one reason why many expats in Portugal do worry about the process of finding and deciding on a car insurance policy, it’s because they know the finer points of a policy could catch them out, if there is any risk of them misunderstanding the specific terms.

Fortunately, we make this aspect as easy as possible to deal with here at Ibex Insurance. As trusted motor insurance brokers in Portugal, we work with various leading insurers. This enables us to arrange car insurance for cars, vans, and 4x4s.

• Price considerations, including the availability of flexible payment options

Hopefully, you won’t need the Ibex Insurance team to emphasize to you that the “headline” price of a motor insurance policy should not be your sole (or even merely “overriding”) priority when you are comparing your options.

However, financial realities are what they are – financial realities – and we are sure you will be looking to secure the most competitively priced insurance policy possible. That is one reason why you might turn to a broker like us in the first place, given that we are not tied to just one insurer, and can search the market to bring you a policy representing the right product for the right price.

You might also be interested in knowing about such things as the no-claims discount that a particular insurer offers. It can greatly help, too, if you go with an insurer that can give you a certain level of flexibility with regard to how you pay them.

• The specific elements of coverage that you need to have on a car insurance policy

If you have already browsed the relevant pages of the Ibex Insurance website for car insurance, you will already know something about the sheer breadth of coverage options that we can provide as motor insurance brokers in Portugal.

You might be reading this as someone who requires a relatively simple third-party-only policy, giving you the necessary protection with regard to legal defense, legal liability for any damage that could be caused to third-party property, and legal liability for death or injury to any other person.

Or perhaps you have much more demanding requirements in relation to Portuguese car insurance, and therefore expect your policy to encompass such elements as emergency treatment, medical expenses for anyone injured in your car, and/or breakdown cover?

Whatever the exact situation that applies to you, when you ask for a quote from our own motor insurance brokers in Portugal, you can be sure of us striving to cater to your every need, drawing upon our extensive connections with insurers. So, why wait any longer to give yourself that all-important peace of mind?

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