What should you ask yourself before you commit to marine insurance in Portugal?

What should you ask yourself before you commit to marine insurance in Portugal? Image

August 23, 2023

Not everyone in this world gets to revel in all the pleasures and rewards that boat ownership in Portugal brings. So, if you are in that advantageous position, you will naturally be thankful for all your positive sailing experiences so far as a resident of the country, and eager to experience more, while also vigilant in protecting your pride and joy.

This brings us neatly onto the subject of boat insurance. There are quite a few marine insurance providers in Portugal that expatriates based in this part of the Iberian Peninsula can pick from, before they even consider the variety of specific insurance plans available.

With all that in mind, we can well understand you feeling overwhelmed and unsure about the process. To assist you with it here at Ibex

Insurance, we have below outlined a few questions that you might ask yourself in order to narrow down your options.

“Should I approach insurers individually, or use a broker?”

It is certainly possible to make direct approaches to particular insurers that you might already have in mind. However, this will not guarantee that the insurer you approach will accept you, or that they will even represent the right marine insurance providers in Portugal for your needs.

This is why significant numbers of boat owners in Portugal do ultimately make the decision to seek out a ‘pure broker’ that can effectively do the laborious searching for them, and present them with attractive options.

By “attractive”, we are – of course – referring to boat insurance plans that are genuinely well-matched to the would-be policyholder’s practical requirements, instead of simply zooming in on the headline price.

In fact, this is a service that Ibex Insurance can provide to you at no additional cost. So, you really can be confident of saving both time and money when you turn to us.

“What exactly do I require from a marine insurance policy in Portugal?”

This is, of course, an extremely broad question. So, it’s perfectly understandable that at the time of you reading this, you might not have a specific and in-depth answer to it.

Direct experience of your requirements as a boat owner might have given you an appreciation of certain elements of coverage that you will especially want to have in your next policy.

And of course, you can also browse our pages on the Ibex Insurance website for ideas. Our boat insurance plans can incorporate perks ranging from third-party liability cover and racing cover to transit cover and even cover for the likes of water skiing and the towing of recreational toys.

Beyond that, it can be a good idea to have a discussion with a member of our staff if you are unsure about what you do or do not want your next marine insurance plan to include. That might entail paying a visit to your nearest brick-and-mortar Ibex Insurance office, or even giving that office a call.

“What will the scope be to tailor the policy to my specific needs?”

This is something else that it might be wise for you to talk about face-to-face with one of our insurance professionals. Here at Ibex Insurance, we are committed to making it as easy as possible for would-be policyholders with us to assemble a plan that satisfies their every requirement and expectation, without forcing them to pay for coverage they do not wish to have.

Popular optional elements of our marine insurance plans include the likes of extended cruising range, high-speed, chartering, personal effects, machinery damage, and club racing cover.

So, if there is certain specialized coverage that you know you would like to have incorporated into your policy, it is well worth asking us about it, particularly given the exceedingly broad range of underwriters that we work with.

With so many marine insurance providers in Portugal doubtless competing for your attention and custom, it is crucial to only consider those that you can trust. Our excellent longstanding reputation as an expatriate-focused insurance broker here at Ibex Insurance, makes us a frequently chosen source of boat insurance among a wide range of expats living and working in Portugal.

So, why not request a boat insurance quote from us online today?

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