What’s the key to getting cheap travel insurance in Gibraltar?

What’s the key to getting cheap travel insurance in Gibraltar? Image

October 25, 2019

Travel insurance is one of those things that we might sometimes be tempted to skip – after all, is it really that likely a disaster will happen on this one trip?


Thankfully, the chances of something going wrong on any one journey are probably relatively low. However, it only takes one adverse event to potentially leave you seriously inconvenienced, stressed-out and out of pocket, which is precisely why travel cover can be well worth getting.


It also helps that if you are a resident of Gibraltar, saving money on your next travel insurance policy doesn’t necessarily need to be as difficult as you might expect. Indeed, here are a few ways to make it possible.


Decide whether a single trip or annual multi-trip policy would be best


This is one of the simplest ways to get cheap travel insurance in Gibraltar. If you are only set to make one or two trips in the coming year, it’s likely that single-trip travel cover would serve you best financially.


If, though, you expect to embark on three or more journeys within a 12-month period, you might well find that an annual policy represents much better value for money on a per-trip basis.


Choose a policy that only covers the elements you need


You can significantly reduce how much you spend on travel insurance as a resident of Gibraltar by simply not spending money on cover that you don’t require.


We help you to obtain cheap travel insurance in Gibraltar for your needs by offering two main levels of cover: Ibex Standard and Ibex Super.


While both of these policies provide at least some degree of protection against such obvious risks as cancellation, curtailment, emergency medical expenses and abandonment, the overall level of cover will naturally be more generous when you choose the Super option.


Bear in mind, too, the optional cover we can give you for the likes of winter sports, business trips, cruises and gadgets. These extra elements of coverage will further help you to put a policy together that meets all of your practical requirements while still making financial sense.


Shop for your travel insurance from Ibex!


This may be the point you would expect us to make, but there’s something else that it’s crucial to appreciate when you are on the lookout for cheap travel insurance in Gibraltar: a low cost should never be your sole priority.


This is one more reason why so many people travelling from and to Gibraltar consistently choose Ibex Insurance Services for their travel cover. They realise that a cheap policy won’t be of much use if it doesn’t protect them in the ways they need to be protected, which is why getting your policy right should always be the thing you are most anxious to ensure.


Our team will enable you to assemble just such a policy when you get in touch with us – whether you do so by phone, the web or even dropping into our Gibraltar office at 68 Irish Town. We wish you the best of luck, peace of mind and strong insurance protection for your upcoming trip!

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