Why expats in Portugal shouldn’t take the risk of going without travel insurance

Why expats in Portugal shouldn’t take the risk of going without travel insurance Image

October 07, 2019

Whether you have a holiday, business trip or other journey coming up soon, it’s understandable that you may feel a little overwhelmed by the many matters you have to tackle before you will be able to finally board that plane, train or coach. Will you have the finances to support you during your trip, for example? Do you have all of the passports and visas that may be needed? Have you booked all of the necessary fares or tickets? Is your toothbrush definitely packed?

With such a long list of things to consider before you embark on your trip, you might be reasonably forgiven for not also taking the time to seek out a travel insurance quote in Portugal.

Travel cover, though, may prove more crucial than you think

While most of your journeys will likely pass without adverse incident, it might only take one such incident to occur on one trip to potentially leave you with serious financial headaches.

These risks may multiply if it’s not just you embarking on the trip. You may not have considered what you would do if a loved one becoming ill or sustaining an injury necessitated the curtailment or cancellation of your trip, for instance. Or what if an accident caused you to suffer an injury or even die? In that situation, you and/or your loved ones could face some very significant legal costs and expenses. So, it isn’t even just your own needs that you need to consider.

Then, of course, there are all of the unwanted situations that could come to pass even if you are travelling alone. A serious delay to your outward or return journey could cause serious issues, for example, or your baggage, cash or important documents may be lost.

Don’t look elsewhere for the complete travel insurance quote

A wide range of things could happen, so you should ask yourself whether you would be sufficiently prepared or protected to deal with all of them. If your answer to that question is “no”, the great news is that it could hardly be easier to seek a travel insurance quote in Portugal from Ibex Insurance Services.

Whether you choose to ‘click to buy’ online, request a call back or even drop into one of our Algarve offices in person to discuss your requirements before we present you with the ideally tailored quote, you really don’t need to look far this autumn and winter for the right – and right-priced – cover.

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