Why travel insurance is so important?

Why travel insurance is so important? Image

March 12, 2024

Whether you're planning a serene beach retreat, exploring historical landmarks, immersing yourself in cultural festivities or reuniting with family and friends, it's crucial to prioritise your peace of mind by investing in travel insurance.

You should arrange your travel insurance as soon as you have booked your trip, even if only the deposit has been paid. The cancellation cover only becomes effective on the start date of the policy (or the issue date if you take out single trip cover), so waiting until the day of travel means that you have no cancellation cover beforehand.

What is Travel Insurance?

A travel insurance policy is not a medical insurance policy, it offers wider bespoke insurance cover for your “trip”. Whether that is a long lazy holiday or a business trip for which you are away from your Country of residence. The trip must begin and end in your Country of Residence unless you have booked a one-way trip.

What does it cover you for?

A travel insurance policy will provide you and any insured traveller under the policy with benefits of cover from when you book your trip, before you leave home and during your trip.

What do you do on your holiday?

Do you like to jump on jet ski, do watersports or horse-riding? Always ensure your travel insurance policy will cover you for whatever activities you like to partake in whilst you are away.

Under the standard policy cover some activities are not included and you may need to take out additional cover for these types of activities. A Winter Sports Package for example is required to cover you for skiing as this in not included as a sport under standard policy cover.

It is important that you check the sporting activity cover under your policy and always ensure that you adhere to wearing the safety equipment provided, otherwise you may not be covered.

Depending on whether a Single Trip policy or an Annual Multi-Trip policy, there will be an element of cover under the cancellation section if you are unable to go on your trip, then once you have left your Country of Residence the other covers/benefits come into force. A standard travel insurance policy will cover you for:

  • Cancellation – if you unable to take your booked trip
  • Curtailment – should you need to return home and cut your trip short for an emergency
  • Emergency Medical Expenses – should you fall ill whilst on your trip
  • Hospital Benefit - if you have to be admitted to hospital whilst on your trip
  • Repatriation – To return to your country of residence if required
  • Travel Delay – if you are delayed for more than 12 hours
  • Missed Departure – missed internal and/or UK connections
  • Lost Baggage - For when your cases don’t arrive
  • Delayed Baggage – For when your cases don’t arrive in time and you need clothes
  • Lost Passport Cover – Should you lose your passport abroad
  • Loss of Personal Effects – Valuables and sun glasses
  • Hijack & Mugging
  • Legal Expenses Cover

In addition to the standard covers you can normally include additional covers to make your insurance cover tailor made for your trip.

  • Winter Sports Cover – to cover your skiing trips
  • Golf Cover – for those golfing only holidays and the Hole-in One at the Club bar
  • Business Cover – for when you need to travel specifically on business with documents and samples
  • Cruise Plus Cover – extended to include cabin confinement and missed ports
  • Enhanced Missed Departure Cover – extended missed departure cover
  • Gadget Cover – for mobile phones and tablets
  • Sports Equipment & Cycle Cover – for diving equipment for example and mountain/road bikes you take on your holiday
Pre-existing Medical Conditions, should you have them covered?

On a normal travel insurance policy, you can normally opt to include cover for your pre-existing medical conditions and depending on the nature of these medical conditions, an additional premium may be required to include them and any linked condition.

With travel insurance you cannot “cherry pick” which pre-existing condition you may wish to declare, it is an all or nothing basis and each person declaring a medical condition will go through a medical screening question set to ensure they are fully covered for that condition, and any linked condition whilst they are away.

The peace of mind knowing that your current medical conditions are covered priceless. As having emergency medical treatment away from your home country can be a traumatic and very costly experience if you do not have the right travel insurance cover. A medical bill in the USA for treatment including hospitalisation can reach into thousands of dollars.

As with any insurance policy it is important to check the policy wording in full to ensure you meet all the requirements based on your Country of Residence and that you understand the policy conditions.

An insured traveller is a happy traveller!

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